Time Travellers Caught on Pics???

Internet crazy fun--the concept of people finding old photos showing time travelers wearing or holding things that are not of their era.

Now, the dude down below looks really vastly different than his companions of that era. Look at the sunglasses, the hoodie looking coat, the hatless head? All of it is of the time period, but he just doesn't fit in with his crowd, kind of like me at a West Virginia family reunion.

Below is the pic and a picture of Lady Gaga amongst nuns; all of the same time period, she just is a different type of person of our time period. I'm guessing Mr. Hipster below is just too hip for his friends (or too young for that crowd). There is also a picture of Larry King amongst Hips Hop Dancers; same time period, different types.


  1. I'm not a doctor but these look shooped.

    I guess you never know though. =P

  2. Yeah, just my own point about how you can have vastly different people in the same time period and sometimes, they happen to be in a crowd together. Hee hee (p.s. don't tell anyone but I suck at PhotoShop)

  3. It's almost like the first guy could be a jumper. He doesn't fit the picture. It's nice to see Larry King bust a move..... haha.

  4. He really does look one. I looked into my mom's photos from the 40s, and there were several men who looked way too hip just like that and they were in the countryside. I guess if I stood in a crowd of high-pressured business folks with my tumbling red hair, low cut tops and shorts, I'd probably look like a jumper too.

  5. http://horrorsmorgasbord.blogspot.com/2011/05/versatile-blogger-award.html Your award

  6. Damnit Autumn, you got me. I saw the black and white photo (which I have seen a few times before) in the Dashboard thumbnail, and was already to spout my skepticism.
    Then I saw the other pics.

    Most enjoyable.

  7. RR;
    I'm a skeptic of the worst kind. Funny that I run such a blog and hunt the paranormal, huh? Suffice to say, if I give something the stamp of my approval, it was with a great deal of study and experience.


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