Taste of Desert!

I know most of you see the desert as something as strange as the moon. It is! Here's some pics to prove it...

We stopped in a ghost town called Fairbank and hiked to the cemetery.

Just one of the miserable graves.

Along the way, I had to get my usual interactive pic. In this case, a piece of metal from the railroad ghost town.

I know folks are very intrigued by tumbleweeds. In Tombstone, they were freaking everywhere. In fact, on the highway I had one just barely graze my car and I almost ran over a roadrunner.

Yeah, that about sums it up!


  1. Yes, about 3% humidity. But, it was cool that day--about 90. Haha! You'll totally love my post tomorrow afternoon. It's a bit of humor about living with cacti.


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