Super 8 Coming June 10th!

June 10th--I don't have a date, but I might have to hijack someone! I really, really can't wait to see this one!!! 1979--great year! I will be all sentimental. It looks as though Spielberg and JJ Abrams really got the era. It actually looks like it was filmed them. How can you tell? Did you ever see a retro movie that has crisp bright newly pressed clothing and squeaky clean refurbished cars? Yeah. It does not give the old vibe. Sure, back then, things were new too, but a little aging makes it somehow seem like an old movie.

What the frag is it about? I have no clue. I did love "Cloverfield" and I have a bit of a crush on JJ Abrams (his talent, not necessarily him personally).

Man, I can't wait to see this. How many days is that??? 17? Jeez! H-U-R-R-Y!


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