Starchild Skull

I've got a lot of eccentric and unusual preoccupations. One of them is the Starchild skull, which from time to time, I need to check in and see what progress they've made in understanding its origins.

The Starchild skull was found in 1930 in the Chihuahua region of Mexico. It is a 900-year-old strangely deformed skull, giving rise to lots of theories as to whether it was human, alien, or hybrid of the two.

I wanted to see what's up with the DNA testing. So far, it would seem that Starchild's mother was a human. However, a coding section of the DNA was not attributed to any human DNA varieties found in the DNA banks that are our archives for our people.

Is this a deformity?



Here's some observations...

Any way you look at it, this is a remarkable skull and could actually help science, whether it's dealing with DNA mutation or hybridization. I'm going to keep following it because, like the crystal skulls, it intrigues me.

Oh, and apparently my son thinks this reporter for CNN might be the missing creature. He calls him "Starchild" every time he sees him. What do you think? Family resemblance?


  1. Brilliant observations. For all we know, hidden books of the Bible are in some religious crypt somewhere, protecting important information that gives away our true origins. I like to think we were modeled from beings in the fourth dimension, much like us 3-dimensional beings create prototypes on paper in the 2nd dimension.

  2. Runewake2 is right on the money. Many of our species are still too primitive and under evolved to handle the prospect of alien life or secondary species. I love the mystery and the possibilities. Love your blog too.

  3. Thanks MM. I'm evolving with the blog too. I want to bring out more of the strange and unusual and quite a few humorous things too. I find talking about speculative subjects is easier when we can chuckle about how hard it is to pin it all down, like nailing jello to the wall, eh?

  4. Damn, that CNN guy does look alien. Interesting post. I would like to learn more.

  5. Seriously, we'd been calling him Starchild for so long, we forgot what his name was. I'm going to be doing a post soon about the weird and wonderfully creepy things about Mexico. It is a melting pot of aliens in caves, mysterious ancient cultures, massive UFO sightings and Starchild. I can speculate a little about what I think of what ties it all together. I love my theories!

  6. I love that you mentioned this! I watched a documentary where it was mentioned, but it was rather vague. Interesting! So far from what i've read, I love this blog! I'm a blogger too, Visit if you have time! :)

  7. Isn't it! I always wanted to be an archaeologist and I'm in the medical field, so I find it really intriguing. I'd like to know more about the DNA results and who is verifying it. If it's truly amazing, it should be huge news.


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