Shh...I Have a Secret Crush on Michael Myers

(Yeah, I so love him, I had a very talented artist make me this and he stares down at me from above my fireplace, reminding me to continue writing my horror!)

Halloween matchmaker--I think you made a perfect match!

He's tall. Me too!
He's a thinker, evaluator. Me too!
His needs are simple and primitive, instinctive. Me too!
He does not tolerate whining teenage girls who are stupid bimbos. Me too!
Halloween is his season when he comes to life. Me too!
He knows how to wield a knife. Me too!

I suppose I could have a crush on Jason Voorhes, but he never did it for me. He always seemed like a redneck version of Michael. Where Michael could easily lift a person up by one hand and strangle them, Jason had to swing and exert so much physical force to kill. I wasn't impressed with his techniques. Michael seemed to like that moment when he got to stare at his victim and contemplate him before finishing him off. Sometimes, he stopped to admire his artwork with that little child-like head tilt.

Dating Michael Myers? Hmm... I think the only down side would be that it would keep me up all night. Come on, would you fall asleep beside him?


  1. Jason is addled. Michael seems downright sophisticated in comparison.

    Jason looks upon his victim in befuddlement, whereas Michael definitely has the look of an artist reviewing his work.

  2. i like what he did at Austin Powers.

  3. I really dont blame ya! lol.

  4. thank you for the shout out, you are the best... now crushin' on this guy... think if he was shown the love when a child he would maybe not the guy he is.


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