Sunday, May 22, 2011

Science and the Paranormal

I've said it often and believe it with all my heart; even if ghostly activity is launched from the spiritual realm as many believe, it still presents itself within our world as images, sounds, feelings and smells and therefore it does interact with the scientific realm.

It is in that realm this we will be able to weigh, measure, and interact with whatever is the cause of ghostly phenomena. By testing scientific theories, we can exclude some possibilities from the list and narrow the field until we figure out how it uses our physical world to show itself and perhaps lead to longer and more reliable interactions.

Some theories of things that may contribute to, activate, or agitate ghostly activity:

Geomagnetic storms
Earth's magnetic fields
Feng Shui (a building's layout and the layout of items within)
Seismic activity

How about potential tools for detecting paranormal phenomena and their efficacy?

Fog machines
Laser grids
Still photography
Audio recordings
EMF meters
Trap cameras
Full-spectrum cameras
Geiger counters
Seismic equipment/motion detectors
Kirlian photography

These are only a few areas I want to investigate and create testing methods for the right locations to see what conclusions our team can make.

We need to look outside the usual assumptions about what this phenomena is and how it works. Why not look at it like a hunter would? How can we track it? Is there a way for it to leave traces of itself? Jason on “Ghost Hunters” show tried the old powder on the floor trick which would be wonderful if we're dealing with an invisible man, but probably not so much with phantom sounds of footsteps.

However, for us to feel the effects of a paranormal presence, we do get goosebumps and the sense of being touched and tugged, so it's entirely possible that running a fog machine and perhaps a colored light in a room with no air flow into it and no movement from those present could show us something forming with enough concentration to disrupt air patterns. This three-dimensional world we live in allows for the empty space between us to be a place to study.

Thinking outside the box.

Our research team will be called POE (Paranormal Observation & Experimentation). Expect me to talk about our research and studies in the coming future.


  1. That's a cool idea with the fog machine.

  2. Sounds like a cool and fun group sis. Wish I lived closer!

  3. cool can't wait to hear your results!

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  4. Hee hee. I change the background a few times a day.

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  6. very cool doesn't have all the answers

  7. The Birdcage had many of the right elements for a ghost hunt. OH what a night!

  8. Can't wait until all the EVPs are in. I was thoroughly impressed by how many disembodied voices I heard that night, as well. Like usual, it took some time for it to warm up to us. The last half hour or so, the place was hopping. It's why I'd love to do an all-nighter there.