Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Purpose of POE

This team was formed after years of ghost hunting and realizing that we desired something more of a research nature.

Proving a haunting, counseling, dealing with clients were muddying the waters and making it difficult to figure out phenomena; how it works, what causes it, and how to enhance and lengthen interactions.

We can all agree that since humans are experiencing this with their senses, whether this is of a spiritual nature of not, it launched itself into our physical world. That point of entry is the place to begin to understand how it manifests and why.

It is our hope that we can go to historic and haunted locations, taking each one separately and planning experiments and methods based on the phenomena reported, the construction and geology, history and other characteristics, and perhaps narrow the field of possibilities closer and closer to that reliable and repeatable element.

As we go and perform experiments, not only will findings and methods be reported here, but videos will be performed covering everything from the interesting road trips around the desert southwest to tours of the building, setting up and performing experiments and findings. As soon as we begin the first experiments, a YouTube channel will be set up with a button on this site so that our videos can be shared.

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