Post Apocalyptic Art!

When I was growing up, I dug up Civil War (and pre-Civil War) relics, mapped them out, cleaned them, put them into the display cabinets. I dreamed of being an archaeologist. I was enamored of abandoned sites where there was no life where there once was. I grew up to write horror stories. The combination makes this particular archaeology meets apocalypse art a dream come true. This is brilliant!! I just adore it this showing. Probably would be my favorite art show ever if I were to see it in person.

The Eighth Day

A collaborative exhibition by
Colby Vincent Edwards,
William Franevsky,
and Jarrett Scherff



  1. I think it's funny how something can be so creepy and elegant at the same time. These came from an archaeological dig? I would be very interested in seeing the whole display in person myself!

  2. They are very cool, but they're not actual archaeological finds. The artist(s) made a showing as if it were finds from a post-apocalyptic world. I love the idea. I always wanted to design my own culture and civilization.

  3. Archeology is sexy. All that dirt and bones and pottery shards. Ohhh, Yessss.


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