New Ghost Adventures--Drinking Game Time!

("Salt Lake City" Brian Wilson)

So, Zak and the boyz are going to the first hospital that is the most appropriate place for Zak to taunt, a hospital literally named for him. "Tooele Hospital" in Salt Lake City is tonight's episode.

The drinking game?
1. Stay home
2. Take a gulp for every "bro," "dude," "man," every time Zak thinks he's being touched by the unseen and every time Aaron unhinges his mouth in horror.

Tonight's drink?
I'm stealing this drink title from a guy online with a great sense of humor. Instead of "Sex on the Beach," make yourself a "No-Unholy-Impure-or-Animalistic-Practices on the Beach"

Remember, it's Lonely on a Friday Night, so please feel free to jump on and say "howdy," I love to chat while watching the Zak Baggy pants and the Scooby Douche Team.


  1. Hope your friday night is a good one! :D

  2. Thanks Zombie. If you get bored, jump on and say howdy. My Fridays, as always, a super snooze. I'll watch GA and laugh my ass off which is always a good outlet.

  3. Hahahaha... can I start drinking now?


  4. 'minds me of the ol joke: what's the same about american beer, and sex on the beach?

    both are fuckin' near water! :P lol

  5. Seriously, Shoes, ya gotta pace yourself, buddy. The way this show goes, you're gonna get schnockered really fast!

    I love it!!! I was with a friend once who ordered a drink-one of those nights where she switched drinks and I knew she was going to be falling off the stool. She loudly ordered "Sex in the Beach!" The waiter didn't miss a beat. "In the beach, huh? So you want it dirty?"

  6. i knew you won't give me a hand when i fell off the stool.

  7. bU; You'd definitely get drunk tonight. One time I counted the times they did all those things and it came to 18!


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