Tuesday, May 24, 2011

National Geographic Channel & Paranormal

I am thrilled to now get the National Geographic Channel. I've been watching videos online from the channel of fantastic paranormal shows over the years and wanted it soooo badly, but I couldn't justify digital cable for it, but I made a deal and I'm happily in charge of like 400 freaking channels (300 of them Spanish or golf--hee hee), but I'm thrilled to get this channel. Here's a taste of some of their fantastic offerings:

Beast Hunter: Just like it sounds--a man in search of all kinds of mythical and cryptid beasts.

"When Aliens Attack" and "Area 51 Declassified"

Mysterious Science: Subjects like stigmata, Phoenix UFOs, Earth pole shift, and many more.

Naked Science: Parallel universes, and lots of other cool science topics.

I'm very excited about this channel. I've been sneaking on and watching their videos about paranormal subjects like infrasound and ghosts and neutrinos and ghosts.

Want to see some great stuff? Click on here and type in "ghosts" and see what you get!

Here's ghost particles...


  1. Seriously, I got the damn digital cable for that channel. I'm addicted to paranormal/speculation documentaries. When they have a marathon day, I'm tempted to call in sick.

  2. I think National Geographic is probably one of the most underrated institutions in the world. And I do believe that it was from one of these shows that I was introduced to the "physics" of ghosts in that they can only be made of neutrinos or some other subatomic particle we haven't discovered yet.

  3. I ran around with the neutrino theory for years and it made me wonder about the passage of psychic info too by the same form. I know they're supposed to be neutral and not carry info, but what the fuck do we know, huh? We just need to take our science a bit further. Remember when there was no such thing as DNA or atoms?