Mind Fuck Tuesday: Spirit Vessels: Why Are Some Buildings Haunted?

Did ancients know something that we have lost sight of with our desire to create a world of plastic and silicon?

With great pain and great strain, they ignored wood and trekked stones, often times not even varieties of the area, great distances to build monuments for spiritual practices. What was it about these stone buildings? Their very shape and design and building materials? Their location and alignment?

Is it possible that certain buildings are better "spirit vessels" for hauntings? Perhaps a combination of geology, orientation, building materials, leylines, waterways, and even room configuration or feng shui, might all come together to make some buildings with tragic pasts more likely to be haunted than others.

Upon occasion, a non-stone building can be haunted, but we tend to find those in mining communities where the ratio of hauntings is quite high and it's not because of a handful of trapped miners or a lot of gold town whores and shootings. If that were so, Harlem and Compton should be cities with a lot of hauntings given gang-related murders and great emotional upheaval.

What we concentrate too often on are those who haunt, but what we have been ignoring is what is in common about the physical features of these spirit vessels. There, we will not only be able to know which buildings are likely to be haunted, but know which buildings in the future might be at risk of hauntings. Now, that's knowledge in the field!


  1. Because they are just plain freaky looking! And ghosts love freaky looking stuff! lol.

  2. Compton does have hauntings. I know for a fact.

  3. I'm looking, but currently I do not see any good studies on the receptive powers of one type of construction material over another. Rocks are more porous? For uh..paranormal stuffs?

    If I was a spirit and had a choice, it would certainly be something styling like gold. Or diamonds.

  4. Why do you have plastic on your background?

  5. RR;
    It's entirely possible that the right materials in the right geologic location amplifies the magnetic properties in that location and might create feelings in the human body of being more "grounded" or more "spiritual" and thus make it an attraction for locating a space of spirituality. Whether that would entrap spirit energy or perhaps create a dimensional portal or cause phenomena of an earth-based variety is the great question.

    bU; Obviously, without the stone, I'm not attracting any spirits. I'll need to change that!

  6. Stone buildings also reverberate in funny ways. Sound echoes off of them too easily.

    There may be more hauntings in stone buildings, but I am sure there are more 'false alarms' as well, just because of things that go bump in the night.

  7. I feel there are experiments and research in our future for us to get some answers.


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