Monday, May 30, 2011

Josiah: Undead Cowboy Released Today!!!

If you've been reading my fictional short stories (tab above), you might wonder if after two nonfiction books, I might try my hand at horror writing. I decided not to try my hand, but to throw in my feet, legs, arms, head, body... I took the plunge!

"Josiah: Undead Cowboy" is the first in my "Midnight Arroyo Series" of western twists on classic horror themes. This 99-cent novel is now available on
Kindle and Nook today! Don't forget, Kindle allows it to be downloaded to your Droid, IPad, home PC--you don't need a reader.

There are some very unusual and exciting twists in this vampire story. It even includes the ghost realm and the condition of vampirism, as well as what it's like to be an undead cowboy trying to do right and fighting his instincts, going up against some vampires in the abandoned gold mine.

The story was inspired by a trip to an old dead mining town where I saw a cowboy sucking on a cigarette and leaned up against a wall, booted ankles crossed, hat pulled down, pale eyes glowing. He didn't seem quite human and the town felt completely barren. That combination made me go "aha!" Hence, Josiah was born.

The other books in the series will also feature a hero whose head you get to climb inside of and whose experience you get to share with strange creative twists and bringing to life some creepy western locations I've been poking around.

The next book should be out in about two months (a zombie theme). Expect the hero character to pop up online and get his own blog, just like Josiah's.

Please consider hitting Amazon or Nook and enjoying a summer read. I hope on my next road trip/ghost hunt to be inspired for the third book in the series--perhaps a werewolf one or a classic slasher theme... one never knows!


  1. I'll try and get a copy. Sounds REALLY cool! Congrats on getting it published!

  2. Thanks HN;
    I'm working on book 2 (zombies) and I'm digging the plot so much, it's a blast!

  3. Creepy crawlies!!! i have a feeling is going to be like 'no country for old men'

  4. bU; I wish it were that good. It's quite different. My style is unusual. You get to spend 25,000 words in Josiah's head. I love character studies and strange twists.

  5. Congrats on being published!! When I'm not sick and sleeping I'll give it a try :)

  6. Thanks. You take care of yourself, Soraya. Wish I was there to make you my healing tea.

  7. Congrats on your new release, Autumn. I'd love to read it. Just to be sure.... I don't own a Kindle; if I purchase your Kindle book, can I put it directly on my computer or do I have to put it on a Kindle reader first and then transfer it onto my computer?

    Oh and for your next book... I'm really looking forward to a classic slasher themed novel ;-)

  8. Hey ACC;
    Thanks so much. Yes, on Kindle there is a button on the right to buy it with one click. Below that they have a link to tell you about how you can put it on any device including your home PC. Enjoy! The next in the series is a zombie and the one following that is likely the werewolf or slasher installment.

  9. Hey you! How cool!! You are busy!!! :o)
    I look forward to reading these...


  10. DUDE !
    I will totally read this stuff on my day off .

  11. u must write non stop all day! Geez, how many books and stories do you have out now?

  12. Thank you Fake World! Enjoy!

    Gabriel; I still have a full-time job. Hee hee. Writing is my calling and I have lonely evenings, so why not do something constructive, huh?