Haunted Houses and Paranormal Encounters

I wrote my book "Was That a Ghost?" after years of helping people who are concerned about living in haunted house, but I also wanted to help those many people who contact me having something extraordinary happen to them and wondering if it was paranormal. This book is the culmination of all my life experiences and abilities/talents that I've developed over the years and how I handle ghost hunting and clients and helping people figure out and deal with hauntings. The book contains quizzes and numerous real life examples. It takes you through the Trinity of Relevance which is my own designed methodology for helping people through any event in their life, whether paranormal or just bad life events. The tools I give the reader can be applied to every day life to make it more fulfilling and, in the case of paranormal encounters, how to get a perspective and handle on the experience, as well as possible ways your life might change for your encounter. The book is on Kindle and Nook and on Kindle it allows you to download to your computer, IPAD, Droid or other device. I am very proud of this book and my contributing to the field of paranormal investigation.