Ghost Book

"Was That a Ghost?" by Sharon Day

I am asked all the time, "hey, this thing happened to me, was it paranormal?"

I've helped numerous people through the process of determination. No matter what the case, I took them through the same 3-point system to come out the other side with a "probably" or "probably not" result.

This 3-point system I named "Trinity of Relevance" and it involves context, belief system and explanatory style. Those three components determine what might have colored your experience and perceptions or shown it to be strikingly authentically paranormal.

I decided to put the process in a book with quizzes and lots of real life examples to help people through the Trinity of Relevance and into other realms such as haunted objects, haunted homes, those with latent psychic abilities and other paranormal oddities.

I am proud of my book. I do not profess to know everything about how the paranormal world works. Anyone who tells you what a ghost is, how it works, why it works, is passing on nothing more than tales told from one generation to the other.

The truth is, we may not know what comprises the paranormal world and how it works, but at some point, it interacts with our physical world and we can see, hear, smell and feel it. It is a truly unanswered puzzle, but we can make some assumptions about it by how weakly it communicates, how little it can really touch us, and how fleeting its interactions are. Armed with such knowledge, we are no longer afraid of the paranormal world, but are avid observers and journalists of its wonders.

The book is found on Kindle (Amazon) and Nook (Barnes & Noble).

This is my legacy in the ghost hunting world and contributions made on the basis of experiencing the paranormal, being a logic-based person, and foremost a paranormal investigator, counselor and a psychic. In fact, much of what I teach in the book are also the principles by which I teach those with anxiety disorders how to recover themselves and their lives. These are tools for daily living for an effective and rewarding life. One can never go wrong with more life skills.