"Finding Bigfoot" Animal Planet

"Finding Bigfoot" is premiering tomorrow night (Monday) on Animal Planet. This new series follows BFRO group (Bigfoot Field Research Organization) as they look for my favorite furry cousin. I've waited freaking forever for a Bigfoot Hunter show. I'm hoping this is close to what I imagined which would be what GH did for ghost hunting by taking us into the woods at night to hear shit and think we see shit and jump like a bunch of city boy pussies.

Tune in if you have Animal Planet. Tomorrow night's premiere episode is Northern Georgia where footage was taken of a BF running across a road.

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  1. As you know I am looking forward to this. You can get Cliff Barackman's (He's the Level-headed one) reactions to each episode at CliffBarackman.com.

  2. Cool. Thanks! I'd been searching for this show for some time and a few days ago I found that it was scheduled. They really didn't do a lot of ads and stuff on Animal Planet for it. It was pretty hidden. Jeez!

  3. Awesome. Just set my Dvr so I don't forget to check this out.


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