EVP: Birdcage Theater

Well, at least we know that gambling whoring cowboys were polite.

I have yet to find a good way to put this online. I'm the queen of finding a backdoor into something. I videotaped the Audacity screen while putting the EVP on the soundtrack.

Background: We were in the BirdCage Theater in Tombstone in May 2011. The team went in pairs to walk around and introduce themselves to this gaming place/whore house. So, I made the split second decision to be the new redheaded gal as part of the entertainment. I introduced myself as a good time gal and said I was ready to sex them up. At the halfway point (9-10 seconds), you hear what almost sounds like a cat meow or "naw" and directly after it a man with a drawl saying "thank you."

Conditions: We had 16 recorders set up around the three rooms of the building. When this was taken, the group was in the upper loft room where the hearse is located. I was in the main gaming room. A recorder down below in the center of the high-priced gaming room where the prostitute cribs were located is where the voice was picked up. There is an open window in the wall that peers out into the room I was standing in from the basement room where this was recorded. Anywhere you are in this building, you can hear what's going on in the other rooms, as it is tri-level and open.