Friday, May 27, 2011

Digital Cable: What a Total Waste!!!

I admit, my life revolves around the cable company. I suck off the teet of Cox. I also hate Cox! (yes, Cox, not Cocks). So, cable telephone, cable internet, cable entertainment. Or, more correctly, cable faux entertainment. It only gives the impression with the controller and the special box that I'm getting something. I'm getting about 5 channels I like and about several hundred that blow!

Please, FCC, force cable channels to charge ala carte. I just got digital cable because I got the little speech about how it'll be cheaper than just having the regular cable. Hmm... Only channel worth shit? National Geographic!

Here's just a sample of the wonderful lineup-I kid you not!

108--OFF AIR
109--COXR2 (ads) Arizona exterminating
110--DAYST (fucking televangelist crapola--can you say "snake oil?")
112--INSP (inspirational--yeah, gag me with a spoon! Totally!)
113--EWTN (a nurse in a monk's robe giving us some kind of talk? Looks like a bad SNL skit)
114--BYU-TV (need I explain what BYU stands for? I'm in the fucking west!)
115--MCTV (community meetings)
119--SHNBC (selling shit--QVC wannabe)
122--TPC (Pentagon channel, WTF?)
123--ACTV (State government--yippee!)
124--CSPAN (need I explain?)
125--CSPN2 (apparently one was not enough!)
126-CSPN3 (huh?)
129--JWLRY (selling jewelry--I hate jewelry!)

I won't bore you anymore than I am. Channel surfing? It's channel cruise ship riding! If this is digital, why the fuck can't I assign my channels so I can at least not have Biography at 135 and Green at 103 and Syfy at 50? Oh fuck! I randomly hit a number and I'm back to the nun in the brown robe and the cross that looks like something a hip hop star would wear to the MTV awards.

I'm done surfing (steamboat riding)!
I wouldn't wipe my ass with these channels!

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  1. One thing I *DO* like about cable is my DVR. I don't watch live tv anymore, just my DVR. I let it record what I actually want to see, so there's no flipping, surfing, or frustration. It also lets me watch things when I feel like it, instead of going "Oh crap it's 8! Syfy time!"

    Sorry you don't like Cox. *snicker*

  2. I agree with the Idaho man, I like my DVR too. If there is a show I really care about, I will record it and watch it later. I have Direct TV and like being on east coast's time.

  3. I was tempted, but yet another rental from Cox and I'm tell you, as it is, Cox is really giving it to me. (Cox, not cocks--wish THEY were giving it to me). I have the single gal syndrome too. I could put on my vast collection of movies or recorded shows, but I find myself liking to watch things "live" because then I feel like I'm part of the happening instead of doing things out of a time loop. It's a weird affliction. I know.

  4. true, the waste in those bad boys isn't going anywhere.

  5. sorry please excuse my disappointment when i learned that you weren't discussing your love of sucking cocks, and you were only discussing the bore that digital cable is......Cable is overpriced HD or not, with all that's out "there". The convenience of cable is something in itself. I've been telling myself to get rid of cable for over a year now. i cant bring myself to do it. How else can I turn on the TV and watch complete trash when I have nothing to do?

  6. Absolutely! Hey, I love cocks. Just hate that I need Cox.

  7. Good to know. I'm glad to know you haven't wavered due to the indiscretions of some corporate ho with a name that resembles your one true love ;)

  8. Oh yes, I worship on my knees to one, the other one, I bend over and take it. You figure out which one is which...

  9. im not trying to figure anything out anymore forget TV. It sounds really very good just the way you put it. Hell i'm pretty sure i could "put it" in a very appealing way myself ;)

  10. Damn! As a lonely single gal, it appears that this is a Cox channel I do not get.

  11. Damn how badass would it be if you can pick and choose channels for a certain price. I'd def be in heaven. But with my luck Horror and any channels with breasts would be at a premium lol

  12. SD77;
    I so agree! I want to start a paranormal/speculation documentary channel and make it free to the world. That would be my dream. Nonstop UFOs, Bigfoot, dinosaurs in Africa and reruns of Destination Truth tossed in.