Sunday, May 8, 2011

Did I See a Ghost?

Answer this question by reading my book on Kindle and Nook. I hear this question sooooo often as an investigator, that I had to write a book about the subject. This takes people through the steps I take a client through to find out if what they experienced was paranormal or not and what to do once you determine if it was. These techniques don't just help in regards to the paranormal, but can be applied to anything that happens to you in life.

I'm in the process of several other nonfiction books including one I'm doing with Julie called "Kickin' Up Dust!" I'll talk more about that when I get back from our ghost hunt in Tombstone next weekend. I have my book about psychics and how to develop your skills in the works too, as well as my entire western horror fiction novellas called the "Midnight Arroyo" series. The first installment, "Josiah: Undead Cowboy" is coming up on Memorial Day for 99 cents on Kindle and Nook. Remember, it can also be uploaded to devices like IPADs and Droids and home PCs. Enjoy checking out Josiah's daily posts leading up to Memorial Day when you can find out his whole story in the book.

Also, don't forget Julie and I's book "Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition)" on Kindle and Nook. That book took us to 12 locations around the desert where Julie photographed the spectacular locations and I did psychic reads on a scene from their past.

Yeah, I know, I'm all over the place, but what do you expect from a high energy brassy redhead? Timidity? Weakness? Helplessness? Nope! I'm out to conquer the world and take my tribe with me on a crazy ride. Thanks for sticking by me and believing in my abilities. It keeps me going!


  1. i have a feeling that book will ruin all my air castles.

  2. I am ready to kick up dust with you, Sis.

  3. Before we know it you'll be in Oprah's book club and richer then astronauts

  4. Seriously--I'd rather not be famous. I'd just like to know that people want to read what I have to write. :-)