Creepy Things You Don't Think About: Underwear

This is a new series about creepy things you might not think about.

(Mormon Underwear)

(Amish underwear)

(Victorian Underwear)

(old lady underwear)

(horror underwear)

Just thought I'd give you some images of creepy things you may never think about. I am ever the optimist, so I promise to make it up to you...

(Victoria Secret underwear)


  1. Oh no!! Not the mormon underwear!!!!

  2. The super rare magical mormon underwear!!

  3. I only wear underwear in the winter...gonna get me some of them Union Suits...make ya snuggy from head to the flap in the front and the flap in the never have to take 'em off!

    P.S. Yes you do.

  4. I vote for Victoria's Secret!!!

    What? You say this isn't a "Pick Your Favorite Underwear" contest?

    Aw crap! :(

  5. The right woman might make those Mormon undies look pretty tantalizing. I guess that's a real sign of how sexy a woman is, if she peel off her clothes down to her skivvies and the man is still interested. Now, if only we could convince men those practical old lady underwear are a necessary evil...

  6. I can imagine the right lady being able to pull them off... and none too soon, either!

  7. The magic Mormon undies revealed. nicely done.

  8. You can't keep anything secret nowadays, huh? It's rather adorable. It could be the beginnings of a wicked steampunk costume.

  9. Give me comfort and granny panties..... haha


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