Clouds and UFOs, Ghosts and Fog--Hmm???

Just go to the halfway point of this supposed UFO film and watch it to the end.

I'm intrigued by the notion that a cloud or fog could help to delineate something we may not be able to visualize. Oh, you know, my fourth dimension take on things. This video had me thinking about something I had wanted to try out for a long time, the notion of using a fog machine on a ghost hunt.

What happens is that our bodies react to things when they are near. We don't necessarily feel them in a tactile sense, but we feel the effects of encountering something that creates goosebumps and chill feelings to the skin. That means there is something in the atmosphere that is potent enough for us to react to, but not perhaps "solid" as we consider things to be encountered by tactile contact.

What if this "energy" that is ghostly is something that sits in the atmosphere, perhaps gathering into a spot just enough to create a reaction in our bodies? This little current or coagulation of energy could potentially be potent enough to affect the delicate tendrils of fog and show itself to us.

I do hope to be performing some experiments using a fog machine in a small room where activity is being experienced. The key here is going to be to have a completely stagnant room with no forced air and no open windows or drafts. A period of experiment with the room and occupants still should show a regular and sense amount of fog. Then, we will know that there are no variables affecting the flow of the fog. Nothing to do at that point, but wait until someone in the room experiences the telltale signs and then we watch the fog...

Thank you John Carpenter for serendipitously making me wonder about ghosts and fog.


  1. another BFD made of atmospheric events. I'm sure if you ionize the room there will be elfs running around.

  2. Someone mentioned to me the use of ionized fog. I think the hardest part is getting consistency. The room would have to be of a certain size, well sealed, no central air or windows opened. There would have to be an observation period and complete stillness to keep it as consistent as possible without creating currents, and perhaps even colored lights to make it more visible. I'm going to have to experiment with it, but I've wanted an excuse for a fog machine for a long time, but I suspect my apartment complex would not much like the use of it and I wonder if it would set off my alarms... hmm.. Could be interesting.

  3. I think you should try it even it does set off your alarms. Claim it to be an experiment and walk out wearing a Lab Coat and goggles if it does. That way you get three things out of it, you get to befriend your crazy drunk chanting neighbor, see if it works and get a good laugh and something to tell us. :)

    At least that is my thought.

  4. Haha. I recorded the neighbor the other night making love because it was so hilarious. They played some kind of weird cheap vegas show sounding music and he was doing the big grunt/grunt and being very vocal about it. I figured if they're going to make me endure this onslaught of insanity, I can at least find entertainment in it. In a karmic way it make me smile too. People in apartments--don't leave your doors and windows open! I like your idea. Perhaps I should wear a steampunk concoction with that eye piece like Johnny Depp wore in "Sleepy Hollow." Hmm...

  5. Hahaha! Oh dear. I can never understand how people can listen to that kind of music while having sex. I would find it to ruin the sensuality of the whole thing. But that is just me.

    Even better! Some of thoses concoctions he wore were pretty freaking awesome. The more I think about it the more awesome it would be.

  6. Yeah, I'd get a real reputation as the crazy steampunk redhead performing experiments and videotaping the neighbor's sex noises.


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