Adventure Sunday: Seeking the Paranormal

This post is great timing. Tonight, I am on a hunt with Julie at Birdcage Theater in Tombstone. We seek encounters with the paranormal and hope to come to conclusions by trying new ways to test, predict, weigh and measure such things. Don't worry, ya'll will be totally privy to all things that happen, even the goofy things I am bound to take part in, perhaps involving a saloon girl outfit...

Paranormal encounters are possible for everyone. Nowadays, with video cameras and cell phones, we have more potential witnesses in the field.

A clear night way out of the city where the skies are clear and black--ideal UFO watching. Pack up some lawn chairs, a cooler, cameras, binoculars, nightvision camcorder--whatever you want to utilize. Bring some appropriate music. I suggest Brian Eno "Apollo Atmospheres."

Planning a ghost hunt? Cameras, a hand-held voice recorder are good tools. If you want to go crazy, I'd suggest an IR light so you can film at night rather than spending it on an EMF meter unless you're hoping to find out if the electrical is working in the location. Nearly every city has its ghost tours at night of haunted spots. Take your pick. They are big business now. You can also rent a room in a haunted inn and set yourself up that evening for anything weird that might occur.

If you feel really brave, jump online and find out where Bigfoot has been seen in your area. Now, plan your camping trip! Trap cameras for birdwatching can be found for around 125 dollars, so it's not an impossible feat to set one up near some bait, see if a curious BF comes a calling. Oh, and don't forget water and plaster of paris mix and a bag to stir it up in in case you find a footprint. As well, don't clean the bottom of the cast off--there might be hairs for sampling! That was an optimistic guideline, but if anything you can be assured of a creepy-ass night in the woods jumping at every twig that snaps.

In a world of so much technology, the unexplainable cannot hide for long. Go seek it. You might learn a lot about yourself and your own belief system, your analytical process and your reasoning. And, if all else fails, you have some great stories to tell of the hunt.

(Go to the 1:28 mark and start watching. This is where Julie and I and the rest of our assembled team will be tonight. Wish us luck!)


  1. You can't go wrong with a saloon girl outfit!

  2. you go rollin, girl.. why so dark? was it a black out?

  3. Can't wait to hear about Birdcage. Really enjoyed the Ghost Adventures episode there. Have a kick ass time.

  4. We got our saloon gal pics! Wahoo! I'm gonna have the craziest pics and vids to share. I'm running a seance tonight probably, we've got the entire place completely blanked for audio, meters set up, strobe light, Flir camera... You name it!


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