Sunday, May 1, 2011

Adventure Sunday: Horrorfest!

You have crappy weather? Feeling unmotivated to go out and have an adventure? Take the nerd's way out--have a virtual one!

Darken the room as much as possible even if you have to take blankets and tacks and hang them up--it's important you get the mood. The room must be cold and you must wear a blanket. Light a candle. Have your treats nearby and handy if you dare reach for them---

Drinks/popcorn/candy/candles/movies/darkness/blanket/chilly room

Here's some pairings of 5 for each theme that might work well for you...

"I hate dolls and they freak me out!"
Dead Silence
Tourist Trap
Child's Play
Dolly Dearest

"I like monsters and mutants!"
The Fly

"Ghosts and hauntings, please!"
The Haunting
Legend of Hell House
The Changeling
Amityville Horror

"Slashers rock!"
Friday the 13th
Black Christmas
Hell Night

"I like psychological thrillers!"
Silence of the Lambs
Black Swan
Jacob's Ladder
The Shining

Okay, my kiddies, go have at it and report back if you were properly adventured!

***You are going to totally dig this afternoon's post***


  1. cannot ever have enough boo in your day... walmart had 1-3 leprechaun, 1-3 subspecies, 1-3 puppetmasters for 5 each for the set...

    sharon... hope your boo is good!

  2. Great picks here, especially Tourist Trap, which gets overlooked far too often.

  3. Jeremy; I will be doing my scary when I'm done working on my book today. I am planning on watching the ghost stories selections

    Bleaux Leaux;
    I love Tourist Trap. It was truly unsettling. It convinced me that besides my ventriloquist doll and clown doll, I really need a mannequin to complete my creepy collection, but you know I will have my eye on that mannequin. You just never know!

  4. The Abominable Dr. Phibes: campy fun

    Army of Darkness: campy, gory fun

    The Exorcist: classic

    Signs: loved that movie

    anything from Hammer Film Productions if you have friends over.

  5. I own a ton of Hammer films and the Thriller Series from that same era in England. I adore 70s British horror the most. Signs is one of my favs too. I think it was a realistic portrayal, well, except for the horrible CGI looking alien at the end that ruined it for me. I loved the scene when Joaquin's character is watching the news and the people having a child's party filmed the alien slinking by. It was so real--just how it would go down with CNN. haha

  6. too pricey. I won't waste my time on this.

  7. nightmare city, here I come! lol.

  8. Sounds like a nice Sunday to me... rainy weather, hot coco and a good horror flick. Depending on my mood, I may opt for a good chick flick instead.

  9. Sis;
    Don't do Bounty Hunter with Jennifer Anniston. Big mistake. But, you might try "The Ugly Truth" which I enjoyed a lot.