Sunday, May 22, 2011

Adventure Sunday: Blind Roadtrip!

Nope, I am not suggesting that you blindfold yourself and take to the driver's seat, although you might do better than the cell phone addicts on the road.

I'm talking about the ultimate adventure. Pack an overnight bag. Get in the car. Pick a direction. Drive. Wander. Have lunch in a strange town you never would have stopped in before. Pick the diner it looks like the locals use. Don't you dare use a chain restaurant! You can tell by the FoodTV show, "Drive-ins, Diners and Dives" that the best food is had at diners! This is all about poking around the unknown. See sights. Wander. Get out and walk around. Take a road that looks interesting. Keep going and then, when you feel the urge, stop and rent a hotel room. No reservations. In a town you either never went to or never thought to stop and sleepover in. Ask someone at the hotel desk if there's a museum in town or a tourist attraction. Do it the next day.

Simple and completely unique way to spend your weekend. Have fun! Report back!


  1. Perfect post!! Get in the car and see road leads you! You may be surprised!! Am I right?? :-D

  2. Great songs to drive crazy by: "Dragula" and "Great American Nightmare", both by Rob Zombie. Guaranteed to make you fell like a Badass (even if everyone else thinks your crazy!)

  3. Haha. I listen to that! I also love Radiohead and Muse on the road.

  4. Some of my favorite roadtrips are the unplanned ones where you find interesting stuff when you get off the highway.