So, What's It Like to be Psychic?

If you've grown up using your skills without realizing they were skills, as you've aged you've learned how to mute the volume. I grew up thinking everyone knew a lot by touching an object. You know how if you pick up your grandfather's smoking pipe, you might start to fondly remember his warm smile or his deep throaty laugh or how he liked to slap you on the back when finished a sentence? That's what it's like for a psychic who specializes in psychometry. We touch an object and we have "memories" that play out in our heads from emotions to visuals, from family and friend ties to incidents.

If you send a bloodhound out into the woods, he will smell a badger, pine needles, wet soil, wildflowers and animal excrement. But, he's out there to hone in on one scent his trainer wants him to follow. To hone in on a psychic read, it's much the same. Lots of images, feelings, glimmers of moments in time pass by you and your mind gets very active but your focus has to slow down and grasp the right stream of information. When you lock in on it, it feels "right" and as if it's "fact."

Today, I spent a bit of time honing in on the Long Island Killer. I have a tendency to be more interested in the serial folks. I even had the killers for DC shooters pegged which I think shocked some people when I said it was a middle-aged black man and a younger black man. It feels like "fact" and something that is already part of history. That sense you get in your body and mind uniting to say "this is it!" is the AHA! of psychic reads.

I did put my notes onto an official site where it is dated. I won't share too much about them because I think it makes me vulnerable if I'm exposing something that will make someone nervous. Suffice to say, Long Island wasn't a dumping ground for convenience. It was a statement putting these women there.

In my upcoming book "From Fledgling to Full-Fledged Psychic," I hope to take the skills you already have (even if you don't realize it) and help you develop the muscles. Each of us have a propensity towards one type of psychic skills with others being lesser forms that support the main one. I am very excited to be able to help people realize senses they use and didn't even realize how they worked or where they're stored in their brains.

So, what's it like to be a psychic? It's no big deal. No psychic can say until after the fact if they followed the right path when doing a reading. I don't ever consider it a real science. I also don't ever for any reason, even with the people closest to me in life, open up to their minds unless they ask me to. I think that life is more exciting when you're left in the dark. I hone my skills as a human being when I have to adapt to new realities.

How do I touch objects every day without going nuts with the info? I don't open to the info. I don't stop and focus on it. I just simply touch something and focus on what its purpose is and not on who has touched it before. However, in a haunted location, I open up to the history. It's rather liberating those moments when you can just let it in. It's like it's been behind a dam for a long time and there's finally a release.

So, that's kind of what it's like to be a psychic, at least, my kind of psychic? I can't account for all of us. We're all as different as you are from your neighbor. For me, it's just another parallel dimension that has no definition but butts right into my dimension in waking state and sleep.


  1. I knew you were gonna say that! ;)

  2. Very interesting. I'd forgotten you are a touchy feely type of psychic. I see things mostly through my dreams. Although, as I've aged I've also seen how astrology plays into my interpretations of events. That's been cool seeing how sometimes the Universe is aligned to open me up more, or shut me off, depending on planetary alignments.

  3. Hey Court;
    I also am a prophetic dream of earthquakes, airplane disasters and more. Not a particularly favorite skill. I think I also have the hands of a healer, as well, but that's something I need to develop. I do believe that if one word suited me best for my entire life, it would be "healer." I attack life in a forgiving manner and I tend to understand human frailties and I just want everyone to heal. It's an overwhelming message for me. I just need to develop those skills. I actually started to study Reiki but the instructors told me that my mind power is so strong, controlling it would be hard. I think they're right about that. My mind is a hot engine, but I also have the capability of completely clearing my mind of thoughts, words and images, so I think in that moment, I could direct myself to a physical energy that goes through the hands. I'd like to explore it. It's part of my growth and acceptance. I never liked sharing this part of myself until I started blogging and realized I'm not such a freak. Just a geek.

  4. I liked it when you picked up certain stones and objects while we were in Sedona and was able to tell me if they had good feelings or not. I must say, I bought the good ones.

  5. It is the openness to feelings that allows the flow. It flows for all of us, just more deeply for some. This was a great read.

  6. MM;
    It's funny you mention that because I believe that when we leave memories on objects, we are projecting emotions and visual cues and that recording ability is something we can pick up on just being in a crowd and sensing those around us. I think we exude something with strong mental thoughts and strong emotions that others can actually feel--sort of like a psychic aura. It's learning to tap into it that's key. It's like our own brains have all these pathways and we take those signals and translate them into sensory input and memories and consciousness, but what if we can pick up that activity in other brains? Hmm....

  7. You know a while back you did a Mass Blog Experiment thing where you did readings on people here...and you said my body recognizes pollen as life-giving and familiar and no longer fights it. Well...pollen season is almost over now, and the pollen hasn't bothered me this year. So it seems you knew about that before I did! I'm not so much surprised that you picked up on as I am surprised that my allergy seems to have just gone away all of a sudden. Hopefully it stays this way. I used to dread the spring because of the would be nice to not have to dread it anymore.

  8. Jeff;
    Perhaps it's time to do that again. I am happy for you. You and the plants are one, buddy!

  9. I think that was probably the most well put description of that intuitive "process" I've yet heard.

    What I like most is that you seem to have cultivated it completely on your own without any kind of "guru" or religious framework. For some reason, I've always found that to be more of a sign of legitimacy and competence. I don't know why...

  10. Thanks, Aaron. I've always been afraid of having someone corrupt the process. It was very natural for me as a child growing up with it and I fear that if someone tells me how to do my skill, I will lose the special way I interpret it. In my book, it's my hope to help people correlate the way they learn new things, like new subjects in school, to how they use their psychic skills. They are precisely the same. I am highly gifted in spatial terms and that is how I receive, retrieve and interpret things in a sort of file-like grid outside of my body--as weird as that sounds, it's synesthetic. Others have completely different interpretive skills. I like to teach people how to do testing online for psychic skills and then when they get one right, note how their mind and body felt and how they felt just before making the choice. They will learn to recognize how they get that "aha!" feeling.

  11. sharon, what a neat post! i loved your reference to picking up your grandpa's pipe...
    i've really not been in the blog world much lately...not being a snob, just busy...

  12. I get "feelings" from touching objects - sometimes I'm not even aware of it until later. I've never really looked into it much.

    Always been a little afraid.

  13. I like this: "So, what's it like to be a psychic? It's no big deal." We tend to fear, ridicule, look down on, etc... people who are different. Yet, maybe those differences are much smaller than we make ourselves believe.

    Is that what you are getting at there?

  14. Hey Libby-Girl;
    Glad to see you, sweets! I hope you're happy and enjoying the new nest.

    Scots Lass; (hey, I'm a Scots lass too--a Fraser) This is what I'll be getting into in the book. The more I've interviewed people, the more I've learned about how the elements of psychic skills present themselves to those who haven't worked the "muscles." It's there, whether you choose to access it or not. When you open it up and use it, it's really quite a relief.

    It's not big deal. Well, people make assumptions about the skills that they are somehow specially anointed God-given talents, but they are really skills utilizing methods we all have and use every day and aren't even aware of. We don't go around reading people's thoughts and seeing their motives. It's kind of like a really fantastic basketball player. He's developed his skills and his body and is highly aware of his hand eye coordination, but it doesn't do a damn thing for him on his daily routine of getting up, eating breakfast, getting along with his wife, etc. It only helps when he goes to play the game.


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