Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Reminder: Tonight on Syfy "Ghost Hunters" and "Fact or Faked"

(Tomorrow's FoF review comes with a wet tank top pic. Hey, it was raining!)


  1. Set your clock. I believe on EST it comes up at 6:30. Haha

  2. Currently watching FoF...Two thoughts so far:
    1. Devin makes a comment in regards to the Dome UFO that no living creature could stand the G-force of the rapid acceleration. There's a theory out there that inertia is a by-product of the zero-point field. (See Intertia as a Zero-Point-Field Lorentz Force, by Haisch, Rueda, Puthoff). If this pans out to be true, you eliminate G-forces if you managed to overcome this effect. Anti-gravity, sudden changes of direction at high velocity - it all becomes very easy then. Inertia only makes sense because we're used to it...
    2. I'm glad they nailed the ghost-swing. Every engineer knows about the Tacoma Narrows bridge: Does this look like a ghost child to you?

  3. Hell's Bells, Vin-Meister! Isn't that simply like Galloping Gertie and the resonance frequency (?) theory. Hee hee. I won't be able to see it for 15 minutes, but I'm curious. Technically, in space don't they fly at like 15,000 miles an hour or something obscene without feeling it because they're out of the gravitational pull of the Earth? God, I need to learn physics. It's only my most favorite subject but I went to a socialist school that told me I was an English major when every pore in me loves science!

  4. Mmmhmm...If you drive an object at its resonant frequency, things can get out of hand very quickly. Same principle as the opera singer shattering glass.

    As far as inertia, it's not the speed that's the issue, it's the rapid acceleration or deceleration. Acceleration is indistinguishable from gravity. Gravity's the odd-ball force that doesn't fit like the others. It's got a smell to it. Something isn't quite right there...It stands to reason that it's the byproduct of our skewed perception of some other forces.

    If you can link it with the ZPF, and if you can manipulate the ZPF locally, then you've got some interesting things happening. What evidence is there for being able to manipulate the ZPF? Basically the entire basket of paranormal phenomenon...Plus the apparently variable rules of probability as evidenced by the Global Consciousness Project.

  5. "basket of paranormal phenomena." Maybe someday I'll become literate. ;)

  6. Okay, I'm just getting into the episode. Forget the logistics, let's look at the logic: At the Dome of the Rock/Temple Mount could a UFO like that hover over that very crowded town and not be seen doing that except by some far away people filming it? And, what are the chances it happened at a religiously important site?