QUIZ: What Unsettling Job Could I Do?

It's quiz time again, my darlings! Time to see what unsettling job you might handle. Count your a's, b's, c's and d's and see which one you have the most of, scroll down and find out your potential job.

1. I tend to prefer jobs that are based on...
a. Production, putting out quantity.
b. No supervision, quiet and then bursts of activity
c. Some risk, exciting, outdoors.
d. Go in, work hard, clock off, no distractions.

2. When I was a kid, I would have liked to grow up to be...
a. A doctor.
b. A park ranger.
c. A circus performer.
d. A gold prospector.

3. When it comes to sex, I tend to...
a. Prefer to have total control.
b. I do whatever I'm told.
c. Love the risk of being caught or being outdoors.
d. I'm very physical and focused and work up a sweat.

4. Best color on me...
a. Brown.
b. Green.
c. Red.
d. Black.

5. My best work skill...
a. Attention to detail.
b. Follow orders well, can work alone.
c. Can blaze paths, innovative.
d. I can produce a lot of work on my shift.

Okay, add up your a's, b'c, c's and d's and see which one you have the most of, scroll down and find out what unsettling job you might be able to do.

a. Mortician
b. Cemetery keeper
c. High rise window washer
d. Miner

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  1. I am all over the place but when it comes down to it, my answer is a cemetery keeper/miner.

  2. LOL, I just realized that is where my favorite abanadoned places are located.

  3. Four B's and one C. (Only because I'm wearing red instead of green)

    Cemetary keeper, eh? I guess a cemetary is a cool place to work... after all, people are dying to get in there.

    (Insert groan here)

  4. Hahaha. Yeah, I'm cemetery keeper/mortician, so I'm guessing I can keep myself in business ad infinitum.

  5. Well, if I'm gonna be a Cemetery keeper, I may as well dress like this:


  6. It's official, HN. That is the most bad-ass cemetery keeper costume in all the world! I totally loved that!

  7. Hey! Does it matter if you already have done the unsettling job? LOL I so wish I could find another apprenticeship! I miss working with the dead folk! Tee Hee! Of course right now I'd take ANY job!

    Ok the others were split - cemetery keeper (which falls in line with my previous job anyway) and High rise window washer. The latter would NEVER happen because I have a problem with heights that aren't enclosed!

  8. Lil sis;
    Maybe you can wash the windows at the cemetery keeper's home? Hee hee. I agree. You should be a mortician.

  9. A miner? "Pops, I think I have the black lung."

  10. RR;
    You're a work horse, huh? I'm writing a horror novella right now involving some trapped miners. Perhaps I can fashion a character after you.

  11. But I don't WANNA be a cemetery keeper!

  12. Aaron;
    I think you'd make a great guardian for the cemetery. You seem to have a good skill set.

  13. More B than C. Can I be a high-rise cemetery washer?


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