Paranormal Businesses

We often think of ghost hunting teams when we consider the business of the paranormal, but honestly the big business is the paranormal world is in the products/services associated with it. Here's a bunch of businesses jumping on the bandwagon of a hot ticket category:

Here's a strange business "GoulBGone" founded on the ghost hunting world we're in nowadays. The testimonials speaks for themselves. You can get it in spray, candle, or bath salts forms to cleanse yourself from those pesky spirits that want to latch on and follow you home.

Here's just one happy customer's testimonial:

Ghoul B Gone helped me discern lots of energies that were hanging around that I do not need,that I didn't even know were crowding my space. I only know now because of the difference in the freed up energy in my space. ...

Here's a great book you might find enlightening 50 Ways To Hex Your Lover.

History Channel has jumped in with a deluxe ghost hunting kit for $99.95.

How about Bigfoot T-Shirts?

Are you serious about ghost hunting? How about Ghost Gear?

Think you have a ghost and want a smudging kit? Here you go!

Now, if you're into UFOs, you can not only get your paraphernalia, but you can also go on a UFO hunt at night with nightvision goggles in the desert of Sedona.

So, is any of this giving you ideas for businesses?


  1. All we have some bed time stories ..
    and I think every bed time story is being ..

  2. Take a plug-in unit that emits a noise with a similar frequency to a dog whistle. Call it a Haunting Entity Repellent Device, or HERD for short.

    Charge $50 each. No clue why fido ran away...

  3. great stuff... i want that t-shirt/sweater...

  4. There is a wonderful ebay shop where you can buy various spirits that have been captured and placed in bottles. I have always thought that this was a brilliant idea.

  5. I'm liking that plug-in unit concept, it would keep the family dog out of the bedroom, which I think is always a good rule to happy relationships.

    I do think the BF tees are too cute!

    I heard that dude quit doing that biz, but it was hilarious. Still, a person who buys one and then opens it up, could sue him for putting them through undue distress with some kind of nasty ghost flying about their home. Hee hee

  6. TELL ME that the "Ghost B Gone" stuff is a prank of some sort. I somehow doubt that a smell would convince a ghost to leave.

  7. HN;
    The logical side of me would say, well, if we burn sage to cleanse places of spirits, then it better be sage scented, but then the goofy side of me finds that hilarious because every time I have burned sage smudge sticks, the place smelled like pot for days. I want to see someone pulled over for speeding explain to the cop, "no, officer, it's just Ghoul B Gone spray!" Eau de ghosticide!

  8. I'm looking forward to the UFO tour at the end of this month and wearing those night vision goggles. I will probably have a UFO giveaway in May. I am slowly getting my ghost hunting gear. I have just made my adventurer's necklace somewhat like Josh Gate's and ready to wear it on my next road trip.

  9. Sis;
    I've been talking to the Vin-Meister about the May trip. Lots of cool ideas but the key here is that we come up with some wonderful experiments to test theories. He's totally stoked with the spirit vessels research so I think he'll give us some pretty cool input and you have to wear your Josh Gates necklace and I'll wear my adventure hat!

  10. If you have to bathe in some salts called GhoulBGone, perhaps a cluttered energy/space ratio is not the first item of worry on your list.

  11. RR;
    Yeah. Perhaps ghosts are attracted to body odor? Hmm... Then, I would think a good bar of Ivory would do.

  12. Perhaps. I've been known to have a paranormal funk after a few days of camping. Stands to reason it would attract the other-worldies.

  13. I have a feeling that ghost repellent and shark repellent are equally as effective against the parties they advertise to repel for some reason. I suppose though if a squirt bottle keeps my kitteh away, why not?

  14. I may just have to do a post about my own little invention, the Power Smudge 3000(tm). :)

  15. BG;
    I wanna know all about that one. You can power smudge? Did you hook it up to a leaf blower, dude?

  16. Leaf blower? Puh-lease! You know me better than that! I'm talking 37mm grenade launcher!
    (lol! "leaf blower" she says...) :)


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