Paranoid State: Who's Paranoid Now?

Yes, on A&E tonight "Paranormal State" (Paranoid State) begins again for shits and giggles and most definitely not for any true paranormal education. It seriously gives me the "ick" feeling with the buried magical coins, possessions, demons and other hocus pocus, stirring up clients up and causing them fear and anxiety. Check out an interview with "Ghost Hunter's" clients versus interviews with "Paranormal State's" clients. All I can say is, I'm so glad I don't live in Ryan Buell's head. It's one clusterfuck of chaos and paranoia.

That said, I'm starting a series in honor of the new season on Mondays. It's "Who's Paranoid Now?" and it will cover some of the goofy beliefs and dangerous practices in the world of the paranormal. I'll put this out there for you. You decide what you think:


Quantum Jumping is the process of “jumping” into parallel dimensions, and gaining skills, knowledge, wisdom and inspiration from alternate versions of yourself.

I tried to find "quantum jumping scams" and here's just one of the sites I found set up to deflect the "bad press."

My opinion? Good knowledge about life change through meditation and channeling, self talk and internal motivation can come in the form of a well-written book and not a $129 paid for program to supposedly learn to jump into other dimensions. When a "movement" has a guru and a bunch of "followers," I begin to think cult and I start to see a posse around him that protects the financial interests of the leader. Those are not good signs and the vulnerable need to be protected from such tactics.

This series is seriously going to be fun and with "Paranoid State" back on TV, I'm highly motivated.


  1. Not sure if theamericanmonk takes himself seriously or not.
    (Although I like the notion of "thought stopping.")

  2. I'm sure he takes the cash seriously. Yeah, I am always uncomfortable when there becomes a movement and a cult-like following. It takes a concept that could have been a good one and turns it into something with a motive that is capitalistic or ego-driven. Kind of scary when that happens, i.e. televangelists and mega-churches.

  3. Thanks for reminding me about Paranormal State....I agree with your thoughts on some of the crazy crap they do...burying coins and all that demonic stuff....My husband laughs at that show...he says it sounds like Ryan is talking into a "Tuna can"...ha...We watch it for a good laugh...

  4. Yeah. I gotta admit, Zak and the gang makes me laugh on GA too, but I don't think anyone thinks of them as real legitimate examples of ghost hunting, but I worry that some vulnerable people don't get laughs out of Ryan, but actually take him as seriously as he takes himself. Frightening, huh? It is like watching a train wreck, I find I can't look away.

  5. i think quantum scientists can start new religion or cult or something. Nobody understands this shit anyway, so they may as well cash on it.

  6. Echo;
    Yeah, I'd like to see them take us to other dimensions through wearing a tin foil cap and thinking happy thoughts, oh, and maybe a happy mushroom to get us there a bit easier.

  7. You are so hard on poor little Ryan! LOL He means well, he just does things from a very religious perspective which for some clients is more accepted than from the "paranormal" and ghost angle. Some people are just more apt to believe that it's a demon as opposed to just a ghost or spirit. That's just life. You can't make people believe that spirits are harmless and nice. They will believe in what they were brought up to believe and that's how Paranormal State handles it. Just my opinion. LOL If helping someone "clear their home of demons" makes them feel better than if you were to approach it as ghosts, then they are satisfied and feel better and can function again. No harm, no foul!

  8. Hey Lil Sis;
    I have no issues with working with clients within their spiritual and even their cognitive beliefs, which is the ideal situation, but you don't go into a client's home and work them up, get them upset and make them a wreck or bring them in on your ghost hunt. If you compare a J&G interview, no one is a basketcase discussing the problems in their homes. Then, you look at Ryan and he's working people up and playing on their fears and jumping to conclusions in front of them. It's just very bad mojo. I'm sure it makes for good entertainment hauling in the old demon lady and the psychics and religious figures, but it's at the expense of entertainment. I just think it's bad karma and it'll bite him in the butt in the end. He really is a troubled man.

  9. I meant to tell you about the Ghost Adventures episode I watched last week and give you my customary dismissive review, but I didn't want to sound too negative. Suffice to say, I really didn't like it for anything other than watching kids at a slumber party try and scare each other. And that doohicky that supposedly "converts a spirits energy to words"....what? Yeah the show pretty much went to the bottom from there for me..

    But this one I've not yet seen either really. But the points you bring up about making the client afraid of the place they live is very solid. That should be a sue able offense in my opinion, if not at least morally criminal. I'll check it out for a laugh if I see it floating my way.

    And as far as seeing yourself from other angles in the multiverse, I believe that to be possible, but not something that could be taught or learned. I think it sort of just happens (de ja voux for example). And it's disheartening to me to see a new crop of "gurus" in that careless "New Age" movement making money hand over fist for all the wrong reasons.

    My mind goes to that jackhole who got a few of his followers killed while doing a group sweat lodge ceremony. Dude charged these people TENS of thousands of dollars to go on this "retreat" that included a ceremony he had no business performing. Please don't take this as in any way racist, but that is not a ceremony for Waishichus on a personal discovery kick, it's for the warriors and holy people of Native nations. Imitating it and charging SO much money for it insults a culture and a religion. Just my opinion...

    LOL I always end up spending hours on this fantastic blog of yours, it's one of a select few that actually make me stop and think as well as examine my own beliefs. That's no easy feat for me, thank you...

  10. Aaron;
    I'm thrilled that you find a place to exercise something other than the computer-focused brain for you. I am in the medical technical field so I also like to have an outlet for my questions about the universe. I am always a kid in total wonder at everything. It's a giant playground of mystery and adventure to me. So far as GA, the reason I promote it is for the opportunity to put up the music video and drinking game for the show every Friday. They are like frat boys daring each other in a haunted house. I half expect them to pull out spray cans and tag the places. It's just ridiculous in the best way. I don't ever take it seriously or expect one damn bit of evidence--they tend to scare shit away, but it is fucking hilarious. Some time, check out the tab above for "LAUGH." You can see I love to go after Zak, but my favorite of all time is the episode of Zak on Dr. Phil. I read it and I laugh so hard. That has nothing to do with my writing ability and everything to do with an inspiring subject matter.

  11. Thanks for mentioning my site, by the way.

    It's fascinating to observe what people make of things like Quantum Jumping and The Secret.

    The controversy is fascinating. :)


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