Mind Fuck Tuesday: 80s Replayed! GIVEAWAY!

(my Kelly LeBroc phase of teased hair and tight clothes)

(me at a kegger party)

(me ready to go to work at the mall)

(me in the kitchen)

(after work at the mall, rush to see the sunset)

(I was wild about all things Victorian)

I’m going off the usual topic of ghosts/weird stuff to talk about the ghosts of our own past/our own weird stuff…the 1980s. I think it's a real mind fuck, so this is totally appropriate.

I have a new most favorite blog and it just jolted me into such a great place! It's a mix of the culture and music of the 80s, but then also there this poster art that is a total mind fuck. I went there and thought "the 80s were a mind fuck and so is this blog!" Dude I got Your 80s is a place made for me and my weird sense of the macabre, my love of goofiness and my memories of the 80s. Just look at this poster art and tell me it isn't wicked awesome? or to-tally gnarly?

How did you use your 1980s? (probably the most singularly both embarrassing and fun-tastic decade)

I’m putting it out there. I modeled and did beauty pageants in the 80s, finished high school and college, moved to Redondo Beach, California, moved back to Arizona, had a child, found a new career in medical transcription.

My idol in the 80s:
Kelly LeBrock

My favorite “look”:
Teased hair, lacy anklets with antique stiletto boots, antique jewelry, pastel colors, fingerless gloves, Cindy Lauper crooked with the shoulder straps falling off looks, and loads of shoulder pads and accessories—it was all about hair and accessories in the 80s.

My favorite music:
Huey Lewis and The News. Since I was a kid, it was Beach Boys because I dreamed of going to California. Now, I was there, it was the peak of ugly decadence and yuppie-dom and Huey Lewis and the News were my poster boys. God, I loved the music of the 80s, miss it horribly. We spat out so many stars and so much “synthetic” music, but it made me want to move and dancing is my favorite thing in the world! I still can’t hold still when I heard 80s music, even the big-haired rock bands with the sexy bad boys and their beautiful hair and the androgynous bands with their moody elusiveness. Jeez, the whole decade was wickedly awesome! (quote from that time period of Valley Girls).

My talents:
Dancing, imitating Valley Girl speak, raiding the malls for the best clothes, wearing outrageous combinations of clothing to shock and wow customers at the clothing store, doing front windows for the shop that drew people in with their craziness like mixing hot pink and bright orange together, knowing the lyrics to every song, a nasty volleyball spike on Manhattan Beach, kegger parties.

I didn’t squander the 80s. I admit I’m a child of the 70s, tree-hugging eco-weenie type liberal Pagan, but the 80s were something different and they came in a time in my life (pre-kid) when I could be decadent and acquire things and just enjoy myself without the big picture and my part in the cycle of life being a concern yet.

I'm so hyped up, I want to do a giveaway. Here's the rules and the prize:
1. Become a follower of Dude I Got Your 80s
2. Be a follower before Sunday night at 11 pm EST.
3. I will pull a name from the followers to this new blog and show the winner on Monday the 11th.

PRIZE: Brat Pack Collection on DVD (includes Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Sixteen Candles)


  1. Awesome! Count me in!

    I was all over the 80's - I graduated in '82.

  2. okay then... who doesn't love the 80's... probably the 70's. you pose some interesting favorites.

    indiana jones, star wars...
    style was nerd, talent i drew comics.
    music... judas priest.

    not that you are asking... you were a hot monkey... from then until now.


  3. i hope that last statement is a compliment... it was meant to be.

  4. okay one last thing... what a great idea to get a place new followers...

  5. I... um... used the 80's to learn how to read, write, and love. I was born in 81.

    Don't hate me... *ducks*

  6. I grew up in the 80s (born in '83). Don't remember much from that decade other than normal kid stuff.

  7. LOL, did your sweetie do the Home Alone picture? It cracked me up! Don't you just love the 80's look? The big hair, lol...

  8. Oh you totally got my mind to movin and grovin! I loved the 70's and rocked right into the 80's. The two best decades ever!
    I had my children, one in the 70's and one in the 80's. It didn't slow me down a bit. How could you not be jammin and totally hip to the clothes and the happenings.
    Ok that's more than I can handle in one sitting! Like what..ever!
    Great blog you found, I will, like for sure keep an eye on it...so rad!

  9. Oh I forgot to mention your great pics. You for sure had the 80's look down pat!
    You were as beautiful then as you are now!

  10. Great post. A real nostalgia trip.It was a wave of possibilities, those 80s.

  11. Haha! The decade that I cannot forget. Formative years. I *LOVE* fingerless gloves for some reason.

    I was a nerd, so the 80s was more computer revolution to me than anything. Spend a night with the C64 before wishing Weird Science was a reality.

    It's hip to be square!

  12. MM;
    I admit to being one of those pesky eco-weenie/organic/vegetarian chicks, but I did love the 80s. It was a fun time in my life age-wise and where I was living on the beach and having a blast. The music and fashion totally worked. Plus, without the 80s, where would Microsoft and other really awesome technology advantages have emerged. We needed greedy consumers to make new shit. :-) p.s. I'm an optimist.

  13. I was 7-17 in the 1980's so it was arguably the decade I grew up in. And I really appreciate the fact that in addition to spending my most awkward moments, those awkward moments were punctuated by day-glo clothes and bands like Culture Club and Wang Chung. I don't know, maybe it was growing up in S. Florida during the whole Miami Vice craze that jaded me. I really dug the 90's though!

    Perfect decade in which to spend adolescence... Seems like cocaine ruined it for alot of people too though.

    It's really cool to see how beautiful you have always been too m'lady. Not that we needed proof, but the pics really hit it home!

  14. The 80's were so fun and wild! I'm surprised I didn't end up in a dead in a ditch somewhere! You could do things back then that you could never do nowadays.
    My idol?: Patti Hansen (she's married to Keith Richards) she started out a fresh, freckled face girl and glammed it up to such a wild look! She was the only Supermodel that looked kinda like me! LOL! So I copied HER for my LOOK!
    Fav music: Oingo Bongo, Psychodelic Furs, Michael Jackson "Thriller" and of course MADONNA!
    What did I do? work at a bank during the day and at night turned into a drinking dancing bartender ala Coyote Ugly!
    God! I had fun!
    Talents? Dancing all night, mixing drinks and drinking men under the table.
    And I didn't squandered the 80's...I squeezed every drop of fun out of them! And I'm so glad I did because now I'm just a fat old hag.
    Thanks for a flashback memories, I'll check that blog out right now!
    XOXO - Cindi

  15. Aaron;
    I came of that age in disco era, dear. Talk about confusing you! For me the 80s were in my 20s, so I was where you were in the 90s. It was my happy--moved out of home, first real job, partying on the weekends, looking the best I'll ever look time of my life. We're always fond of those times. Plus, I love dancing and it was a freaking great decade to dance!
    Drinking the men under the table, huh? Hee hee. I'm a lightweight. Two drinks and I'm taking my clothes off. Yeah, the 80s were fun. Hee hee

  16. Adrian;
    Very amusing time. You know it's an amusing time when you own 3 pairs of fingerless gloves and Swatch Watches. hee hee

  17. The 80s encompassed my high school and college years, so this was probably the essential decade for me, although I have a general soft spot for the "who gives a shit" aesthetic of the 70s (everybody seemed to smoke and drink everywhere, people said whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted...ah, sweet freedom). The 80s did give us some great horror films; maybe not as many as the 70s, but it was a gold mine compared the the relatively bland 90s...


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