Looking For Commonalities in Hauntings

A lot of ghost hunters tackle ghost hunting case by case, moment by moment. They're looking for explanations (debunking) and then they're setting up, wanting to make encounters that can be documented as proof of hauntings.

I am not so much intrigued by being able to get proof to share with others that a place is haunted, but figuring out why the freak some places are haunted. Death and a dark history do not guarantee haunts.

I've been in places where death has occurred, but no haunting. What's the difference in the one that do become haunted versus those that do not? This is what Julie and I are exploring in our book we're researching, "Spirit Vessels: Why Some Buildings Are Haunted." In fact, next month we're going to go to a very famous haunted site and not only do a hunt, but also study the properties of this location to compare with other haunted sites in search of commonalities in its history and its physicality.

Another thing that intrigues me is, why at certain times do apparitions appear or EVPs get set down on recording devices? Why do doors move and shadows appear? We take it as random, but it had to have something that motivated it to use whatever means to appear or play itself accessible to our mortal senses? What is the common motivator or trigger for that residual apparition to make its nightly walk?

From what I've seen, it's not necessarily a matter of clocks and time tables. When I was growing up and we had the booted feet walking up the stairs and down the hallway, it came always at night, but not until everyone was in bed. If someone was staying up late, it didn't happen. That intrigued me because it showed a certain amount of sentience for something that is residual. Or, perhaps it had more to do with the makeup of the people in the house and the interaction they had with each other. We think twins are alike, but siblings and parents all share a certain strange psychic chemistry, as well. This might also explain why some owners of a home have more activity than other owners--the very chemistry and connections between the family members vary from family to family. As there are folks who are "ghost magnets," (Jason and Grant as a combination), there could be families that fulfill the same requirements.

That being said, I looked back over my notes of hunts for the past decade and realized that 100% of the times I had activity on a hunt, there was a geomagnetic storm, usually electron flux, sometimes a K4. What could this have to do with it? Supposing that the geology, the very construction of the building including the shape of its rooms and contents, along with the humans that are there coincide to be activated by a geomagnetic storm. We know that these storms, the result of solar flares, are able to activate our pineal gland and create vivid dreams. Hence, a night of a vivid dream, you probably had some geomagnetic storms going on. If you want to correlate this, keep a log of what nights you had vivid dreams. Now, go to the archives and look up those nights...

There are certain pairings of people that create a ghost magnet situation too. It has not escaped my notes to know the balance between two members that creates that ideal mix. You have Jason and Grant--we can all probably accurately call them a dynamic duo of action. They are also very sedate, very casual, very laid back. That is key. Nervous, overthinking Steve and child-like giddy Tango makes for a bad ghost magnet. It's like dogs, they can scent your anxiety and mental and physical energy. You think ghosts want to suck up your energy, but it is my experience that to find a receptive human, you must have them in a sleep state or a very relaxed state to be receptive.

Here's a hint of where we're headed in mid May (Season 3, episode 1)

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Before we do our study there, I will be doing some knocking around of theories and ways to test them with y'all and I want your input. I know all of you are very intelligent and inquisitive and I would very much like to do a little hosting of some video from there and explaining how we're implementing techniques you've helped develop. And, of course, share in the results of the hunt.

Don't forget "Lonely on a Friday Night" tonight!


  1. I for one am very excited about doing a hunt at the Birdcage. We have talked about that for a couple of years now. I am willing and ready for all the experiments you want to conduct there. That place is home to many ghosts and I hope they are ready to make their presence known to us.

  2. I suspect we have a good combination of people for this trip and it might help add an element that is necessary to activate things. I'm most curious to try to look past the decorations that can often fascinate and distract us from the active areas. I want a good walk through to find the active spots and compare that with the activity the three shows got there: Ghost Lab, Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters. I will be ready for the apparition, however. That camera will be in my hand and poised. Still, bet it can't capture it.

  3. We know so little about the veil between worlds, and it is only now that physicists are beginning to accept the concept of the multi-verse. I think the fact that a lot of paranormal activity tends to coincide with high solar activity should be a piece of data critical to both physicists and paranormal researchers. And as far as the psychic connection between people contributing to activity levels as well, I would tend to agree. A good example would be the Bell Witch phenomena.

  4. Aaron;
    You make me smile. I know you're a skeptic about such things, but you have obviously given it much thought. I have a tendency to look at it as a viewing--what it's a viewing of (other dimensions, heaven, time shifts) is still up in the air, but when we begin to predict these things arising, perhaps controlling the conditions, we can make a lot of correlations. Until we had microscopes to see bacteria, we had no idea why the hell people were dying of the plague, how it was transmitted and how to treat it, but once we had bacteria under a microscope, we could bombard it with treatments to see what might kill it or feed it. We will get to that point with phenomena, but we as a people need to decide if we're okay if we discover it may not be spirit based.

  5. Excellent point. If we end up finding out that we haven't been seeing spirits of the dead this entire time, that's going to turn alot of our thinking right on it's head. And that will apply to skeptics and believers alike, religious and agnostic. Because for better or for worse, we have kept with us (at least in concept) that spirits have been visiting us. This has grown into a psychological archetype that isn't likely to go away over night.

    But there is also the trade off of having an entire new aspect of the cosmos to observe. We wouldn't even know where to start!

  6. I think the issue for a lot of ghost hunters I've encountered is that, even though they are religious and have a belief system in the afterlife, like bad little Christians, they still secretly desire proof of afterlife, even though their faith says the must just believe without proof. No matter what we discover, we just opened up a new world, whether it's the afterlife, another dimension, or the ability to skirt through time for brief moments and see the past.


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