Julie and I's Adventure!

(Snow Ghost)

So, Julie and I left on Saturday to go up north in AZ for the Cemetery Crawl event. There were snow warnings and the event probably should have been postponed, but we went ahead with it under much prodding and against my intuition. We got up to Mayer and stood in the cemetery there with the snow billowing around us and waited for the first contestants. Once they all left, we took off through the heavy snowfall (I've never driven in snow before) and we went up the hills into the heavier snow. At one point, the freeway closed and diverted people to Sedona.

So, we took the back way and stopped for lunch. As we lunched, the snow came down more and more and more. We started up the windy mountain road to go to Flagstaff in the freezing cold snow and I looked at the hillside and thought, "I am not going to do this. I can barely see where I'm going." The snow was coming down very very heavily, we would be climbing windy mountain roads and I have no experience handling these conditions and nowhere to turn off.

I turned around at an overlook and got us down the mountain and when we got down below to find a hotel room, they told us the mountain pass was closed. So, we realized we would have been ascending it as the last people allowed up it. Holy shit!

Okay, so we secured a room in Sedona and watched the blizzard continue for several hours more. I went out and made that snow ghost.

While we were in the cemetery in Mayer, I found some interesting prints in the snow...

(It was so snowy, even the statue had a "snowhawk" snow-mohawk)

Julie and I seem to have adventures everywhere we go and this was no exception. The snow on the Sedona red rock is a rare and amazing sight!


  1. Heh, when I write in the snow, it usually has a slightly yellower hue.

    I love the snowhawk! And wtf snow in AZ in April??

  2. WOW--Bigfoot has a club foot...who'd a thunk it ! (Looking forward to more from your wild and crazy trip.)

  3. Beautiful! I am such a winter snow girl! Glad y'all had fun!

  4. That's not bigfoot's foot. It's Paul's.

  5. Yeah, you don't want to see gals trying to write in the snow the other way LII.

    Tim--Yeah, poor lame bigfoot, perhaps he was a yeti, it was snowing.

    Thanks Adrian. My pics are not so beautiful like your amazing ones, but I do love remembering the goofy aspects of trips. I have some amazing artsy pics to show another day this week.

    Lil Sis;
    I got some snow shots of us together I'll be sharing. I got her with a couple snowballs! Haha

    Paul would have done something else in the snow, I'm sure.

  6. Glad yer having a good time on yer adventure! Can't say I've ever heard of snow in AZ, though. Must be a sign that the end is nigh... Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to work some more on my underground end-of-the-world bunker.

  7. HN;
    Fill the bunker up with good movies and lots of chocolate. It does snow in AZ quite a bit. Flagstaff and the White Mountains probably gets more snow than where you live. Sedona is not a big snow town, but it happens upon occasion and apparently even in April!

  8. what a shitty weather. Aren't you glad to pass through blizzard safe?

  9. Echo;
    I am quite pleased we made it home safely. I haven't seen snowfall like that since 1985! Very pretty if you don't have to go anywhere.

  10. Things have a strange way of working out. We ended up still have a great time in Sedona, I got lots of fun items for my crafts and giveaway. The snowy redrocks make for great picture taking and I went nuts. I will be showing all the places we were able to go to on my blog along with pictures. Thanks again for not taking that steep road up the mountain while it was snowing.

  11. Sis;
    I have both our backs at all times. It was insane and it would have been more insane to go up that mountain in those conditions. I'm glad we were able to hit some shops and get out of there safely the next day.


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