Josh Gates Journals

(Another installment of my tween-like-I-got-a-crush-on-beiber'ish Josh Gates Journals weekly reminder of the show tonight on Syfy)

Josh Gates Journal

I'm stoked! Josh is going to investigate some kind of Thai Tree People. He's also looking for some kind of huge creature in the water near Cyprus. I always get soooooo nervous when he jumps in his diving suit into the water. I mean, it's like totally cool to see him in a wet suit (sigh), but I worry about him. What if he goes down too deep? What if the monster gets him? What if he runs out of oxygen? My palm sweat just waiting for him to surface!

I have a special amulet I got and I put it under my pillow with a picture of Josh. Every night, I kiss the amulet, kiss the picture, tuck them under my pillow again and I go to sleep imaging Josh in a swimsuit and me in a swimsuit and a warm beach in Cyprus and no sea monsters, just warm water and lots of sunshine. Okay, I know, I'm just dreaming. That would never happen. I would never be that lucky that the sun would be shining the day we go to the beach. (wink)

Good luck Josh and just remember, I'd wear a bikini for you!

Don't forget Marcel's Quantum Kitchen is on tonight too following "Destination Truth."

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