Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Josh Gates Journals

(Another installment of my I-got-a-crush-on-Josh Gates gal's diary entry)

Tonight, Josh is going to do some pretty creepy hunts. He's looking around Thailand for some kind of jungle ghost and collecting hairs from a night stalker monster in Africa. I would sooooo love to travel with Josh (sigh). He'd protect me and put down his jacket over mud puddles and give me that dazzling smile and maybe even let me wear his lucky necklace (double sigh). I guess he'll get some good Thai food. I worry about him eating caterpillars and such. Ick!

Because of the Africa location, I thought I'd do a Tarzan and Jane photoshop pic. I put my face on Jane. LOL. I would so love to swing from a vine with him and hear him beat his chest and holler. OMG! I wish I were in Africa with Josh! We might never leave! (heart beating wildly).

I think I could like eating bananas, Josh. (hint, hint)

When Josh was on Doll Island in Mexico, what happened that startled him?
a. A doll's eyes opened.
b. A heat signature shaped like a person came out of the brush.
c. A doll cried "mama."
d. He ran into a deadly snake dangling from a tree.

Don't forget, following "Destination Truth" is "Marcel's Quantum Kitchen" and it's just too much fun!


  1. That scary little doll's eye opened!!! That buddha picture is so funny, Sis, ah I mean Jane.

  2. I love the Josh Buddha. It's such a contradiction given his personality being hyper.

  3. Hee hee. I don't know, tastes like Paul.

  4. LOL this is adorable...

    I hope he stumbles on this blog one day!

  5. I don't know how the molecular food tastes, but i think Marcel is a jerk.

  6. Aaron;
    Don't know what he'd make of it. I think he'd probably dig it.

    I expect Marcel to be a douche and I like that about him. I think he just doesn't get the regular guy at all. His mind is way ahead of him.