Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How Receptive Are Human Beings?

I was looking through some old pics taken on ghost hunts and realized something strange; intuitive people know when and where to take shots, but they also appear capable of bringing it up in the photos with them.

Example: At the cemetery above, my buddy and I had been doing a several-year history of weird shit that came out on our photos in one particular area. One night, standing on the road enjoying the silence and the dark, I told her, "Hey, I feel something here." She turned to me and I told her, "Wait. When I tell you to, take a picture." I followed what to me felt like a strange dense energy moving from my right side, rising up off the ground to above my head. When it was overhead, it felt as if it blocked the air movement and was heavy and thick. I yelled for her to take a picture. Was that just a coincidental orb? I don't know. Many times afterwards, we would do this and I would look in the direction of where I sensed something lurking.

How attuned are humans to spirits? I can't say. But, I know we are tuned to earth changes and the very magnetic field and geology, geomagnetic storms, solar flares all affect us. Perhaps we can notice changes in the environment. Perhaps, however, we really can sense spirit activity.

I get aura photos done every time I go to Sedona with my pals. I always tell the photographer what I'm going to do in each photo. They laugh, but then they're amazed. In the first aura photo above, my brother had just died and I felt him all the time over my right shoulder, dogging me, sending me love. The photographer was floored when he seemed to appear in the photo as a white energy (spirit energy) with pink--love. Another time, I told her that I get my psychic information to me from a place to the upper right, as if there were some sort of focal spot in the universe there where I perhaps tap some uniting source. As you can see in the photo--something is happening there in that spot I'm looking toward.

The question becomes; were these things there, or did I project them psychically?

I suggest on ghost huntings, hunters spend a bit more time focusing on the human receptors who see, hear, smell, and feel the spirit energy around them. Photographing people at this critical moment shows an interaction. Is it interaction with a spirit or perhaps psychic projection from the person or capturing bursts in earth energy? We can't know, but until we start photographing the people on a hunt instead of the empty room, we may never find out.

I propose we correlate colors and shapes, types of visual phenomena with what the person reported. Perhaps goosebumps create a blue blob, mists are created when someone feels something touch her. We can get there if we open our minds to the ultimate ghost gauge--the human body.


  1. on the top photo, you look like you have huge ears!

  2. awesome! great post, this is my first time visiting your blog.


  3. Moob;
    Welcome. The tabs at the top might give you a good idea of what's up in this place.

  4. I love moob's name. The end.

    And yeah, intuition is a powerful instrument that should never be ignored. Sadly, when logic prevails, intuition is usually cast aside...

  5. And it's not just ghosts...The same thing happens with UFOs. Certain individuals seem to attract the phenomenon. So are they attracting it, or creating it?

  6. LII;
    I'm guessing that he's a man boob? Maybe my mind is in the gutter. Moob, we're curious about the origins of the name and how you earned it, dude. Yes, we do have loads of signals that warn us about things. I hope to cover that extensively in my book coming up about psychics.

    Yes! I am in total agreement. Part of why I'm writing the psychic book is because over the years, the clients I've worked with, almost always this wasn't their first ghost encounter. It's happened their whole lives. There are ghost magnets out there, which I discussed in my ghost book. There are attributes that seem to be across the board. If a certain personality/intelligence type seems to attract ghostly activity--is it attraction or creation? (cue the twilight zone music here)

  7. Excellent blogticle, this … Really happy to see the photos & the attendant explanations. You're just a magnet for this sort of thing. Just exactly how receptive are human beings? And we well Gno just how receptive Elves are alleged to be, ja? I wish, I wish, oh! How I wish, Sharon, that I'd've had some kind of recording apparatus when, newly interested in the Hollow Earth enigma, esp. as it pertained to Richard Shaver's claims (he had years of his writings publ'd in Amazing Stories & other sci-fi pulp magazines in the 40s, alleging to be his actual experiences in a Cavern World right below our feet, whose populace is a much variegated mish-mash of remnants of a star-faring race) when one night I prayed & prayed & prayed so hard to please be made a contactee with this subterranean race, that a moment after concluding my urgent petition to God, an orb of light, glimmered once … twice … three times, right in my room, each consecutive time growing in size … 'til I raced from my bedroom & halfway down the stairs, blithering in near-hysterics. Recognising the voice of sincerity, my mother came in with me as I returned back to my room … And wouldn't you Gno it, Sharon? … Not only did it return in her presence, too, but it slowly, gracefully, sentiently bounded around the room 'til it faded out, never to be seen from again.

    Suffice it to say, my Mom was aghast, not frightened, & I was more than vindicated. Questions still remain, though … Had I somehow summoned it? Was it on its way & my Elven prescience perceived its future appearance, manifesting 1st in my consciousness as a prayer to be made a contactee? Or was it an e.g. of a kind of teenage poltergeist activity, albeit of the very most sedate kind, generated by me my(s)elf in my early adolescent zeal for meeting a non-human entity?

    Mayhap we will never, ever find an answer to this inexplicable encounter. But, I'm happy to have found you & your blog, Sharon. You're helping to make a field once rife with hoaxsters & charlatans an exact science. And your approach is full of humour & candor besides.

    Cheering you on more & more,
    Anadæ Quenyan Effro ~ (•8-D

  8. Reminds me of Insidious! That creepy witch hiding in the backgrounds of pictures will forever give me nightmares.

  9. Bror;
    Thanks, my dear brother! Have you tried to call it back again? I am very intrigued with Middle Earth type of explanation for much including where UFOs emerge and retreat. There are a lot of very intriguing stories about these subterranean cultures. I would like to cover it in the blog here soon. I've been taking notes for some time. Whether we can summon things or things realize we are ready to see them is the question. I have often begged my deceased family to show me they still exist. I wonder sometimes if I am just resisting the possibility. It's like Wayne Dyer says, "you'll see it when you believe it." We know that from religious folks and others who believe in something vehemently. That I do not feel their presences and doubt they can contact me, makes me think they cannot. That aura photo opened me up. I do not have to see or hear them. I can feel them, like my brother over my shoulder in the aura pic. You will like my upcoming series "Can You Believe It?" where I uncover hoaxes in the paranormal world.

  10. Shelby;
    I almost saw that this past weekend, but I was pleasantly distracted. I am curious now.

  11. I don't have a visible aura, but if you get close enough you might catch a whiff. :)

  12. Cool, in the first aura picture you can see a misty person behind you.... your brother. I want to get my aura picture taken when my hubs and I visit Sedona at the end of the month.

    Great post...

  13. Sis;
    You two must get your aura pics done! Very cool! The place directly across from T'Laquepaque is a good one. I usually get good reads there.

  14. I'm wanting a bag of Skittles right now ?
    I can taste the rainbow.

  15. Dude;
    That does sound good.

  16. The question becomes; were these things there, or did I project them psychically?

    Great question and something to seriously think about.

  17. Okrafeet;
    Damn! Love the name! I'm glad you agree. It's something to consider. I am pondering it often and hope to cover it more on here.