Hollow Earth Theory

One of my very favorite films (above) that had me thinking as a kid that exploring the Earth meant more than just Jacques Cousteau in the ocean and astronauts in space and Sir Edmond Hilary on a mountain peak, but inner earth. It seems strange that as humans we spend so much time concerning ourselves with anatomy and physiology of our body's interior and its inner workings, but we don't concern ourselves in the same way with our own earth's interior.

How many times have you started a “google” search only to be led on other pathways until you have no idea how you started out? It was one of those days. I went looking for something about vortexes and ended up finding out about a culture of people who believe in a massive underground network of tunnels that link countries around the globe and perhaps are associated with UFOs and reptilian folks.

You know where I’m going with this (like a dog with a bone).

I’m fascinated with any kind of conjecture, so I began to search for more about this fascinating concept. Chapter four of the book “In Search of Shambhala” by Mary Sutherland tells of places around the world where cave entrances lead to a network of caves that once were all interconnected; however, some supposedly were ruined by subterranean activity over time. The locations are interesting and the Mt. Shasta site is linked to reptilian people and Bigfoot. Honestly, after reading about this stuff, all I can do is imagine the fascinating worlds a special effects person could enjoy in creating this plot for a movie.

Some report that the descendents of Atlantis inhabit it, others claim they are bases for extraterrestrials.

It goes even further into conspiracy when reports surfaced of a man claiming to know that there are huge caverns under California and much of the land floats atop of ocean-filled hollows in which a nuclear submarine even disappeared. This is referred to as the “Underground Empire.”

There’s been a lot of talk about underground bases and UFO relationships with these places from Nazi Germany’s history to the New Mexico desert. “UFO Hunters” show has covered this aspect several times and each time just as exciting and tantalizing as the last.

Some take this very seriously, like those at this site. They take the stand that beings use flying saucers and are really awaiting their time to arrive again.

If you’re interested in this Hollow Earth Theory, here’s a great page with loads of links on interesting aspects of the theory.

As always, I'm curious what your take is on this subject.


  1. I've read some stuff about that that'll curl your hair and give you chills! Stuff that even I find scary! (and normally I'm only afraid of women and the Feds!) While I've never been the least bit claustrophobic, there's something about the possibility of being trapped by evil Deros in a deep cave creeps me the fuck out!
    And again, as is the case with monsters, there's a wealth of folklore regarding the "underground". From the Fairy Folk and Little People to dragons and yes, Djinn.
    Remember that connection you found about the 33rd parallel? I wonder if that could be like the main tunnel? Sort of a subterrainean Route 66?

  2. Or route 666, eh? I do love this exploration even more than space and see. There is no reason that while we evolved on land, something intelligent evolved in the sea and something intelligent evolved in the earth. It only makes sense. I try not to think of the movie "The Descent," but it intrigues me. Every time I go into a cave, I think about the catacombs beneath us and it makes me get the shivers.

  3. Paul said , he took that trip to the center once.

  4. Hee hee. Did he find the secret tootsie roll center?

  5. Many years ago, I don't know exactly when, I had a dream (possibly a nightmare) where I found an ENORMOUS, perfectly round hole in the center of a vast field, so I did the logical thing: I jumped in. When I finally landed, it was a bizarre underground world filled with Grim Reaper-like creatures, constantly hammering metal spikes into the rock walls of the caves, drawing a gray, sludge-like matter, like sap from a maple tree, which was then dumped into the rivers that ran through the caves. I just sort of observed what was happening, as I rowed through the caves in a boat, wondering what was at the end of the caves. I woke up before I could find out.

    I don't get such cool dreams nowadays.

  6. That sounds so wicked, HN! I wish you could have finished the dream. You really need to write a short story about it.

  7. if it is hollow it should be pretty easy to dig to China.

  8. Echo;
    I think I'd rather dig through to Iceland or Scotland. I wonder if there's a site that tells you what is on the exact opposite side of the globe? I'm going to look that up. Found it! http://www.antipodr.com/
    Damn! I'd be in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

  9. I know not a lot about an enitre network of underground tunnels connecting the entire globe. There have been tunnels found throughout europe though, Archeaologists concluded that they were used by this certain group of people (forget their names) to avoid being wipped out by the invading persian (I think) army. It is an interesting theory though.

  10. I used to subscribe to a Hollow Earth newsletter. Snailmail version. That and the Flat Earth Society.

    My impression was that it was a lot of misinformed people mixed in with some unscrupulous business men/authors.

    On a sci-fi note, hollow earth is about on par with me as a deep-ocean adventure; both ignite the imagination of a hidden and strange place right under our noses. Fascinating indeed!

  11. RR;
    You are complex and interesting. Sounds like the same group of folks into quantum jumping. It is freaking exciting. Every time they do a special about the super deep sea glowing creatures, I am soooo thrilled!

  12. Considering how little of these tunnels have been explored who knows what could be done there. I was kinda doing the same today except I ended up on a bunch of sites regarding Nazi UFO's.

  13. Okay Wolf, now you have me intrigued. I want to know about these Nazi UFOs. Is that the one they were trying to build? I love this stuff!

  14. I am a big fan of the A.M. coast to coast radio show (the old Art Bell show), and I remember a guest that George Nory had on one night who was a very in depth researcher into the hollow Earth theory.

    Supposedly this planet had its own interspecies war in the 1950s. A German U-boat that went missing in the 1940s around Norway docked in Australia and the crew hadn't aged single day. The captain said the last thing he remembered was being pursued by a British destroyer in the North Atlantic and he gave the command to dive deep underneath some pack ice. They surfaced when they thought the coast was clear and it was 10 years later and they were on the other side of the planet.

    The British and American governments sent ships to the part of the sea where they "reappeared", which was very near Antarctica. Then supposedly those ships were suddenly attacked, two of them being sunk by a fleet of unknown vessels carrying some kind of energy weaponry. After confirming that it was not the Soviets, more warships were sent in and the conflict escalated.

    Long story short, a cease-fire was hammered out between the forces of NATO and a here before unknown species of hominid that lives inside the planet as opposed to on its surface. One of the stipulations of the cease-fire was that no weapons ever be brought to Antarctica. And to this day, no nation on the planet lays any claim to Antarctica even though it is almost the largest continent. To this day no weapons have ever been taken their either despite the obvious tactical advantage of having a military base that spans every latitude line equally.

    I don't know if it's true obviously, but it is a compelling story. And if you think about what a humanoid race that lived in the center of the earth would be like, it gets a bit creepier. Because there would be very little light, they would probably evolve larger eyes with larger pupils. Not being in the sun for generations would probably give you a white milky complexion. And living in tunnels for a few millenniums would equate to a pretty short frame.

    See where I'm going with this? Pretty cool huh? A neat theory anyway...

  15. Aaron;
    I swear, I could sit up all day and night talking to you nonstop about these things. You are obviously well versed in the unusual. These are the things I love to speculate about. I hope to do a lot more speculation here on the blog of late. I do love my ghosts, but when you love ghosts, you love all things paranormal. Kind of like how men can love Playboy, but also be excited by Penthouse or Blow Job Magazine, or whatever other periodicals with boobs they can find. This theory is one of my favs and I hope to pursue it further. I don't see why intelligent life couldn't have co-evolved in other places, perhaps even in a realm that to us is invisible by our senses but sharing our space. I also would like to cover more about scams and bad practices in the paranormal world and exciting theoretical physics.

  16. ……. I must apologise, Sharon, for not ever having conveyed an indepth expertise in this indepth topic, having merely gleaned the surface with you the other day with my enigmatic visitation from decades past. Nonetheless, you're doing a beautiful job of researching its many facets herein, as can only be expected of you. I'm sending you some additional hard copy research material, not the least of which is the late Brinsley Le Poer Trench's timely albeit obscure Hollow Earth classic, Secret of the Ages: Ufos From Inside the Earth. Happy Hollow Earth hunting, Sis ~ Anadæ (•8-D

  17. Thank you, Bror! You are always a font of knowledge on the subjects.


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