Ghost Hunters--Divorce is Imminent!

To their credit, I will say that TAPS had a good quest in a bad situation. I thank them for making people aware of debunking, professional behavior with clients, and trying to see what proof they can obtain of hauntings and afterlife. Having signed a contract with a network, this was going to be corrupted no matter how you look at it with books, magazines, t-shirts, and the circus that evolves from a business that grows out of a hobby. I cannot imagine what they could to to quilters or baseball card collectors if they tried to make entertainment out of something, like ghost hunting, that is inherently a total snooze.

I admit that watching Ghost Hunters has been a bit like a marriage. Perhaps it's the 7-year itch? Let's review this relationship with the show and see where it might have gone wrong and if counseling will help or the separation should turn into a divorce.

I was giddy at first. Someone was going a show about my hobby, ghost hunting. I was going to see a team not employing Old World spiritualist's methods, but actually trying to apply some debunking skills and see where the science lies. Like a first date with my mad crush, I was glued to my seat, would not allow interruptions, triple checked my recorder and sat down for the first episode.

You know what they say about how sometimes the reasons you pick a mate later become the thing you hate most about him? Well, my initial excitement about Ghost Hunters was that everyone would realize this is not a stupid sport and something evil or spooky, but people asking questions and looking for answers. That people at home might witness what it's like on a hunt meant I may never need to hide that I'm a ghost hunter again in shame.

Of course, eventually that meant that every Tom, Dick and Harry was going to now flood the countryside with cameras and K-II meters, banging on the doors of historic sites and making asses of themselves so that these establishments wanted nothing to do with ghost hunters again. They would also start to make it profitable for people to buy up old abandoned asylums and the like and make a fortune on the ghost hunting industry, corrupting forever what might have been a genuine haunt site.

I think my first twinges something wasn't right in the relationship was when they were handling the Brian screw-up scenario. I don't know if Syfy (SciFi at that time) thought that it was titillating or the team wanted to so distance themselves from his issues that they made an example of him, but they just dragged this guy out, paraded his personal shit, and made an example of him. It was ugly and is smelled of sacrifice.

I enjoyed some jumps and startles and excitement in episodes like the St. Augustine Lighthouse and the Stanley Hotel, but along the way SciFi (Syfy now) began to poke its nose into all their business. Wrestlers and special guests were showing up and J&G were doing commercials. This was really giving me signs the relationship was in trouble.

It wasn't until they had the episode showcasing their newly acquired New England Inn and they raced off into the snow on their snowmobiles while they asked their grunts to prove their inn was haunted so they could cash a few more bucks that I felt really queasy.

Then, they still showed them in plumber's attire pretending to work for Roto Rooter and I just couldn't go any further. There comes a time in a relationship where you lose your own self respect just being in it, so I stopped watching all together. That was a few seasons ago. Sometimes, it plays in the background while I'm writing or cleaning the apartment, but I barely feel compelled to glance up and see what's happening. I know the routine.

I'm so glad to be out of that relationship. Grant and Jason went from being adorable and bumbling best buddies to a kind of nazi team leadership that trains the grunts to spit out the same party line about ghosts and ghost hunting. No new tools. No new professionals to give insight. No rhyme or reason to new team members. Everyone is paired off the same, does the same chores, yada yada yada. No mixing it up at all. Their idea of mixing it up nowadays is to cover a town's haunting and bring in Meatloaf for a second time!

I am so glad I opened my eyes to that dysfunctional relationship and got out of it. Like any relationship, it died of atrophy. Had they made one effort to further the industry, bring in experts, mix up the teams and methods, try new things, I would have stuck by them to the end. It would have taken so little to keep me engaged in this relationship.

Alas, divorce papers are being filed and the separation is now complete and total. Perhaps they will learn something from this failed relationship and move on to make changes in the next.

As for me, I'm free again and on the market. Any paranormal show that wants me in a relationship, you're going to have to earn it. Fact or Faked—I'm dating you but not exclusively. Destination Truth has my complete preoccupation because it serves a few of my needs; curiosity, intelligence, adventure and sense of humor. The only problem is, that like dating the handsome quarterback, it flirts outrageously with its over the top stunts to make it look daring and crazy, and so I wonder if it's all show and little substance. Should FoF acquire personality and humor and a new mix in the cast, I would be probably go for full commitment.

I've learned a lot about failed relationships, like to not lower my standards for those who do not keep the relationship dynamic and alive, but are complacent and forgetting the reason they entered the relationship in the first place.


  1. So, in short, you're 'between show-commitments' at the moment...

    I liked your comment on my post today. Maybe I should go out and buy a bikini, forcing the same result?

  2. I had to call it quits with these guys during their live Halloween special a couple years back Grant clearly and obviously faked evidence. And then of course there was the fallout from Donna Lacroix's admission that they were just complete frauds.

    I do occasionally watch it for entertainment, but I simply do not have the same professional respect for them that I once did.

    Kris Williams is pretty cute though, I lovez me some curvy ones...

    1. Well she's up to 177 pounds now, so she's getting there ;)

  3. LII;
    I'm not sure my bikini would do for you, but hey if you can wear it, more power to you!

    I agree. The jacket pull was very sketchy. The dudes bought an inn they have to pay off and not going back to Roto Rooter is a lot of incentive. I didn't like the way they handled Brian or Donna. People that are with you before you make it big, they're seriously hard to find and special. They're the only ones you can count on. Kris--OMG! Yeah, she is so brain dead and personality-less and stupid. But, considering all they have now is (snooze) Amy and the new dog member, the choices of eye candy are limited. I did watch the Michigan episode just because they promised something amazing. I don't know why I let them suck me back in again. I feel like a fool. They could promise me they trapped a ghost in a bottle and I'm not watching it. I'm quite done, thank you. It's a boring hobby and really not worthy of TV fare anymore than crab fisherman or loggers...

  4. Ha HAAAA! I do so love your commentary! Yes, I too stopped watching Ghost Hunters many seasons ago. I can't even remember exactly when, but I remember watching at some point and going..."This is lame." "What happened?" "This use to be a good show." Oh well! I'm sure the network had a LOT to do with their slow but steady decline in entertainment and education. It IS all about the money you know. What a shame! In the mean time, I'm a Ghost Adventures girl. Zach took off his shirt in the last episode I watch and I got a funny feeling in my nether regions! Tee Hee! He's got a rockin' body!

  5. Lil Sis;
    I'm going to take a wild guess that Zak does not pack a punch in his pants, only his biceps. I think I'd rather do Nick. He's kinda quiet and those thinking guys are sexier. I admit that GA knows what it's about. It mocks itself and it's kind of rock n' roll ghost hunting. Ghost hunting is a super snooze, but they make it hilarious with their "I'm going to kick your ass" and then screaming like pussies. Next week, they're hitting Vegas's Madam Tussad's. It's gonna rock--Zak with wax figures. Oh jeez. I wonder how many of them he'll feel out.

  6. The show probably failed because the ghosts were not to happy with the hunters.

  7. I'm kinda quiet, and a thinking guy. Just sayin...

  8. Adrian;
    The ghosts would much prefer my pajama ghost hunts. More than likely those are on the "video" tab above.

    You're a quiet thinker but you had to write to tell me that. That wouldn't make it quiet, would it?

  9. Well put. You're right about every Tom, Dick, and Harry joining in on the fun. Although it seems like as of late, we've been left with mostly the dicks.

    Great post and an added thumbs up for using the word "titilating".

  10. HH;
    Glad you enjoyed it. I am known for saying it like it is and I do so adore an opportunity to use the "t" word. I'm of known for my tits--ahem, titillating's.

  11. hope you get all of their equipment as part of divorce settlement.

  12. I'll take the dog in the settlement. It's the most exciting and talented team member.

  13. I'm with you. I love the concept of the show but I always tell people that the one thing I've learned from watching a few dozen episodes is that there is probably no such thing as ghosts.

  14. Somewhere along the line, I'm not sure exactly when, GH went from "must-see TV" to a sure cure for insomnia.

  15. GH;
    I do admit, it makes me snooze for sure. I put the TV on timer and fall fast asleep. Not that what they do should be entertaining. I guess they could act like the Housewives of New Jersey and really make it must-watch TV, but their form of ghost hunting is pretty much doing it missionary style. Gets routine after a while.

  16. i'm sick of the loud background music and the cameras always focused on the "hunters" instead of what they're looking at. then the usual surprised look on one of their faces and a quick..."did you hear that?....did you see that?...,etc". no, i didn't see anything but your face and didn't hear anything but that distracting music. i'm done with GH. the GA guys are sooooo much better.


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