"Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" Reviewed

(Wet Tank Top. Hey, get your minds out of the gutter--it was raining!)

Well, today's review of the FoF episode last night will take on this format--answer any of these you want to:

Did you watch the first season religiously?
Did you see all of the second season so far or were you okay with missing episodes?
What do you think of the new guy Devin?
If you could remove 2 cast members, who would you ditch?
How would you redesign the show?
What would it take to make you a total addict?

I'll be honest, I really really want to be a total fanatic like I am with "Destination Truth" and how I felt about "Ghost Hunters" the 3 seasons, but I just find myself feeling like I'm with a lover that doesn't quite know how to climax his girl. (You knew you wouldn't get a normal reference from me, why even hope?) He's gorgeous, he's got a great personality, but he just can't quite execute...

There's something so community college sociology class feeling about them sitting around the room looking at vids and being oh so polite with each other. The cases they choose make me want to scream! A moving swingset? Give me a break!!! They went to Argentina to build a duplicate swingset?

"Hello Syfy channel, I'd like to go to Hawaii and prove that I tan better on the front than the back side." (Well, apparently they're footing some ridiculous frivolous bills)

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Syfy, please put Ben on as your producer and let him do this the right way without your interference. Please pick more X-file'ish spooky cases and expose more hoax'ters.

The show is just handsome enough for me to give it another chance to ring my bell, but eventually I might realize it's just a big handsome dumb jock


  1. Love this post!

    Oh, and all that stuff about the TV shows was good too.

  2. What will you do when the season ends?

  3. Sounds like you need to get on there as producer! I was watching MST3K and in a interview with section of the DVD, the expressed their dissatisfaction with SyFy (then SciFi) in how they tried to interfere with the show so that it had a "story line" etc... They were like: They're silly puppets. There's no storyline. It's a crappy movie we make jokes about!

  4. Cullan;
    This is exactly what I think about Syfy. They are trying to bring us what they want, but then they think they can micromanage creativity. It's not possible. It then becomes something so watered down it's like passing off skim as whole milk.

  5. i think most of syfy shows are oraganized quakery.

  6. Echo;
    Good way of putting it. I think they believe Sci-fi type folks are somehow childish and immature with their crappy medieval mockery movies, hybrid creatures, and remakes of children's tales. I'm not sure what crowd they're hosting, but apparently it's a party of tweens-which might explain their "twilight" crowd throw-in of Being Human. I could so get this channel's shit together if they'd take me on. They are going to drive it into the ground and the sad thing is, there are few channels for folks like us who are inquisitive, intelligent, imaginative and dark.

  7. Perfectly said,
    "childish and immature with their crappy medieval mockery movies, hybrid creatures, and remakes of children's tales"

    i too thought it was totally weird that they went all the way to Argentina.
    i'm not really into aliens and ufos. what did you think about that part of the show?

  8. Ok, so after watching last night's episode, I have come to the conclusion that the producers at Syfy are complete hacks. Look at the time slot. They wanted to make a paranormal "Mythbusters", and I think they fell flat on their faces.

    A swing set? Really? They had one of the most controversial and most debated videos of our time right in front of them in the form of that Jerusalem UFO, and they went for the swing set? Was it because the Jerusalem one was more complicated and they don't think highly of their viewers attention span?

    The second one was just as disappointing, but for more campy reasons. It was a Scooby Doo episode...

    So based on last night's show, here are my answers to your questions...

    Did you watch the first season religiously? No,not really

    Did you see all of the second season so far or were you okay with missing episodes? What missing episodes? Where they entertaining?

    What do you think of the new guy Devin? Melodramatic and easily excitable.

    If you could remove 2 cast members, who would you ditch? Bill and Devin

    How would you redesign the show? More skeptics, more disagreements, harder cases, more time per investigation, less clothing on Jael.

    What would it take to make you a total addict? See previous.

    I hope it turns around, but from what I see, this is the producers at Syfy trying to catch drippings from the Mythbusters demographic. And I have a very hard time taking it seriously.

    Hopefully I didn't come across like one of those grouchy old man Muppets that always hung out in the rafters of the Muppet Show...

  9. Aaron;
    You are totally a muppet, but an honest one! Yeah, I am with you on the whole thing, but I'd get rid of Jael and Bill (both seem rather dead inside). Austin at least has some agility and brawn and Devin is damn smart and actually has personality. The swing set was an insult. I wouldn't have ever done the Temple of the Mount because it was ridiculous and why did only the people filming seem to see this amazing thing when there was a crowded city below not seeing it? And of all the freaking places to go? One of religious importance? I put that in the bucket with seeing the Mother Mary on windows and weeping statues. I really want them to take Ben and use him to drill people and extract truths. I want creepy cases and I want uncovering obvious hoaxers online like that one they turned down of the poltergeist box moving. Honestly, I'd still really rather Syfy save their money on sending them around to do cases on site and have them sit around watching videos all evening and having grouchy arguments amongst a group of geeks and spaz's (none of them pretty and young but all ages, sizes, colors and shapes) with computers to recreate shit on. I want to see them defend videos, argue amongst themselves and be not one bit self conscious or botox'd. I think my biggest disappointment is the choice of cases--ectoplasm? a swing set? What I think they're doing right? They have been able to recreate some things quite well but they're so gosh-darned wishy washy that every case is "we could recreate it but that doesn't mean it wasn't genuine" or "we couldn't recreate it but that doesn't mean it was real."

  10. Actually you hit on another good point there. Why NOT have a conclusive opinion after flying to another state and supposedly testing the bejeezus out of something? That "wishy washy" conclusion process really hurts it too. It's a shame, because really good shows like this are hard to come by. Destination Truth is still really good though, I do find myself getting into that a bit more.

  11. Aaron;
    I was lucky enough to get to see the season finale of DT in Antarctica and it totally rocked! It was my favorite episode ever. It was funny and all the things you expect, except the actual investigation played out like a scary scene in a horror movie like "The Thing." It was really disturbing and awesome. I just wish that they would do one place each episode instead of 2! Josh has the Indiana Jones/humor thing down perfectly and the locations are so rare and precious and now they've figured out how to film it so they extract every second of creepiness out of it. I agree about these shows being rare and precious Syfy on Monday is starting "Urban Legends" but it's kind of like FoF with figuring out if urban legends can be legit or not (yawn). I'd rather read health labels in the grocery store for entertainment.

  12. Did you watch the first season religiously?

    Not religiously, but I think I caught up all the eps, thanks to OnDemand.

    Did you see all of the second season so far or were you okay with missing episodes?

    I'm current.

    What do you think of the new guy Devin?

    He hasn't had a chance to show much personality yet. Hard to tell what's him and what's scripted.

    If you could remove 2 cast members, who would you ditch?

    I'll abstain from answering.

    How would you redesign the show? What would it take to make you a total addict?

    I think it's VERY cool that they're getting some $$$ for new toys. Mobile FLIR and video command posts? Rockin.

    I'd vote that they take it even more in the direction of a paranormal mythbusters. Rather than investigating just viral videos, they start walking the line between frontier science and paranormal phenomena. Give an overview of a topic, then do an independent evaluation of the validity of it. Some topics:

    * Chi kung masters and demonstrations of "empty force."
    * Spoon bending and a microscopic analysis of the deformed metal. (Do you see slip planes from forced bending, or does it look like it melted?)
    * I believe Mythbusters already did the Backster effect, but it's a fun one to repro.

    They get some pretty ballsy people willing to come on the show and claim they've got paranormal stuff going on. Some of them fail the layered voice analysis and others don't. I think that makes for a very interesting dynamic.

  13. Vinnie, can Syfy hire you to revamp the show??? I love your version!


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