Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files Reviewed

(This week---you get 4 for the price of 2! I brought in some guest breasts) This is quadruple fact!

So, now it's time to talk about the show. I'd like to hear these things:

What did you like best?
What did you like the least?

Proceed and I will throw in my $3 worth (hey, 2 cents doesn't get ya anywhere these days!)


  1. I liked... Oh! The show?
    I'll get back to you on that.

  2. Have to say i've never seen the show. But I'm enjoying your...updates?

  3. Old Ectoplasm photos, when did they become viral videos? Really? These pictures were debunked in my grandfather's day.

    Bill gets tired and says we aren't here to disprove ectoplasm. Ben debunks the ufo video and says lets see if there are really ufos.

    Season 2 and they still aren't consistent about how far to take an investigation.

  4. i think it will be more fun is they debunk normal.
    Very nice mammaries!

  5. Haha.
    Liked best: I liked that they took something the military supposedly couldn't answer and perfectly explained it. That was impressive to see them do that.
    Liked least: The choice of ectoplasm. As interesting subject that we all laugh at, but really really not worth the investigation. I would rather have seen them do the poltergeist case just for shits and giggles, especially if this fake-ster was getting tons of hits for putting that up with the story it was real. I'd like to see them uncover scam-sters.

    I agree, but then how does one recreate normal? Hee hee

  6. While I never got around to the shows, it makes me smile knowing that someone searching out info on Fact or Faked could get directed to quadruple boobs.

    Oh, I did see snipets of the show now that I think about it. When they were trying to do the "pants aliens" in Fresno. Pretty thorough.
    I didn't realize they had such a budget.

  7. RR;
    Do a google image search for "Fact or Faked" and you'll see a bunch of my tank top shots. haha

  8. Well I have mixed reviews on last night's episode actually, and I'm glad to say that one of them was really positive. The first one was a wash in my opinion because that was pretty clearly a satellite falling out of orbit. I remember several news reports in Florida when I lived there about this phenomenon being mistaken for UFO sightings all the time. Why they picked this one over the one with the three glowing lights is beyond me.

    Now the SECOND one I was really impressed with. I used to read about the Spiritualist movement that happened in the first part of last century (still weird saying that) and was aghast at how people like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini of all people could be taken by alot of these shysters.

    One story sticks out in my mind is that of Florence Cook and her summoned spirit named "Katie King". Photos of this spirit clearly show a chick dressed up in a sheet with with some kind of neo-Egyptian accessory thing going (as was the fashion at the time, Egypt = "the mysterious" back then), but NO ONE called these people out.

    Then there's the "ectoplasm" deal that strangely never happened again after about 1937 (you would know better on this stat). Clearly a hoax. Like I said in another comment, if ghosts do exist, then physics dictates that they must be made of neutrinos when in this universe. That or a sub-atomic particle we haven't discovered yet, but you gotta go with what you know. And I can find no logical reason neutrinos would solidify into a snot-like substance that spontaneously oozes out of someone.

    Getting back to the episode...yeah sorry...LOL. Chi-Lan took control of that investigation and debunked it with righteous justice. Even when they got back to the studio and Jael tried to say something to the effect that the cotton from the "medium's" mouth looked different from the cotton coming out of Bill's, Chi-Lan stomped her and said pretty much to the effect of "nope,'tis bull puckie".

    I think alot more entertainment value could be gleaned from this show if the team members are allowed to berate each other for ridiculous statements and observations. Maybe bring Dennis Leary, Penn Gillete, or Lewis Black as regular team members too...

    So for that, I honestly can say I enjoyed the for the epic comment.

    Oh, and yours are better...just sayin'.

  9. Mine are better, eh? How do you know which are mine?

    I agree with you. I like how Chi-Lon is coming along as an investigator. I like when she loosens up. I wish they'd just can Jael and I'm thinking even Bill isn't impressing me anymore and he has experience in the field. I get the feeling he wants to be the grumpy old man of the team, but he's just not living up to it. I want them to bicker amongst themselves and have strong opinions. I think the ectoplasm was fun, but not really a viral video subject. The keep diverting off the idea of the show. I want more viral videos too. One per team member isn't enough for me. I'd like 15 minutes of the show to be them tearing apart virals and then 45 minutes on two cases. It makes it have to simplify, but entertainment wise, it's a helluva lot more fun. Hell, I wouldn't mine if they all work on one case, if some stay and work on the computer, others build things, others go into the field to test and interview.

  10. Easy, they are the ones that make this cool angelic choir sounding "aaahhhhhhh..." when I click on the thumbnail.

    Wasn't Bill on GH once in a while as an exorcist? I might be mistaking him for someone else...

  11. Bill on FoF? He's been a ghost hunter for a helluva long time. Don't know about the demon shit, but I wouldn't be surprised. Next Monday "Paranoid State" ahem, I mean "Paranormal State" is coming back on TV and I will begin a series about the scams in the paranormal world and the seedy side of it all. Inspired by the lame-ass show, of course.

  12. Me likey you boobs best...who be other boobs?

  13. That's a secret when I get some guest breasts on the blog. Glad you enjoy it, Timoteo. Next week's involves a wet tank top.

  14. FoF, while unable to crack the top 10 for the night, has managed to stop bleeding out its ratings. In it's new season, they pulled in 1.186, 1.287 and last night 1.316 million viewers.

    The big surprise is the drop in Ghost Hunters ratings 1.478 million viewers!

    Will FoF beat GH in the ratings???

  15. Barry;
    I had the distinct feeling that FoF was put next to GH to try and help it gain more viewers. They needed to have two shows straddling each other because GH could not pull Wednesday alone.