What is the Ideal Halloween Night?

So, I was contemplating it early this year: What is the ideal Halloween night?

For decades I imagined the ideal Halloween night while married to someone who hated costumes, horror, and anything Halloween. I daydreamed about doing fun and creepy things, being in the middle of the atmospheric time of the year, enjoying the carnivals and festivals, chili and beerfests, haunted attractions and pumpkin patches.

Well, weather is not at all accommodating in the freaking desert, so it's very hard to get into the mood while waiting in line for a Haunted attraction while it's still in the 80s in the nighttime.

So, I fantasize about the ideal Halloween...

I've always wanted to be at an autumn forest clearing bonfire on Halloween with a group in costumes, drinking beer, and having to creep into the dark woods to take a leak. Perhaps some unplugged musicians and an all-night fest.

Maybe I'd like to go to some kind of giant Wicker Man pagan ceremony with a burning effigy and crazy dancing and chanting, everyone in dark robes and naked beneath.

Then, I've always thought the ultimate haunted attraction is one in the NE, I believe, that takes people into the woods where there are cabins and headless horseman, villages and all kinds of creepy finds.

I would love to stay at a B&B farm with a huge pumpkin patch, corn rotting on the stalks with a scarecrow deep inside the corn maze, burning leaves and hot cider, moonlight over the orchards.

The very female part of me would love to make out with a man in a costume at a Halloween party and make love without him taking off his mask. That's a dark and delicious fantasy, but part of the daydreams that leaves a smile on my lips.

So, what sort of Halloween night would be ideal for you?


  1. I think your description sounds perfect!

    I would love to go to a powerful Samhain ritual with a huge bonfire burning some where nearby; the smell of burning wood energizing and exciting me. The sounds of people talking, chanting, and moving audible over the sounds of the forest and the winds rushing through treetops.

    After the ritual, I would love for there to be a huge banquet table with all varieties of food, most of it seasonal; the smell of pumpkin pie would over-powering.

    And everyone and every trace that anything had happened would be gone just before the first cracks of dawn.

  2. I love that description! I would bring my autumn bread and perhaps some absinthe. It would make it very vivid and interesting.

  3. I love the NE idea personally. Cold, breezy, but not too windy. Sleepy Hollow'ish. Pumpkin patches, Corn field mazes, Haunted Hay rides, Haunted houses, and of course, Ghost Hunting! The appropriate food, beverages and company included of course!


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