Upcoming Craziness

(my hair says it all--I'm a scrambled up, going in 8 directions at one time, bright and shiny mess)

Well, what's up with the wacky redhead and her buddy companion, Julie? Yes, it's actually a "quiet" time for us. Right!

In early April we will be cemetery attendants at the yearly Cemetery Crawl event in which teams of 3 hit the road in an Amazing Race format across the AZ desert to crazy and lesser known cemeteries and lots of crazy stop-overs to unbelievable sites to do certain tasks. We're staying in the WigWam hotel in Holbrook and that'll be fun sleeping in a giant tee-pee shaped room. Expect the both of us to do lots of picture taking and video. I am hoping to start hosting more videos of our crazy jaunts and ghost hunts and starting a ghost hunting theories channel on YouTube to make it all easier to find and enjoy.

(the 2009 Cemetery Crawl event above)

Julie and hopefully will be joining two others we have met through blogging in Tucson and hit some indian grinding stones in the desert. We're doing research for our book, "Spirit Vessels: Why Some Buildings Are Haunted" and we're going to do some studies and tests in this area and see what we come up with as far as spirituality and stone retention, construction and shapes of ancient stone sites.

(the grinding stones place we're headed to)

We are also planning on doing a ghost study inside a cave, probably this very one I visited when my son was little. We're hoping to see if while shielded from EMF and potential radiowave interruptions, we might still get things on our instruments inside of a limestone cave. We also want to see if caves are, indeed, haunted. I will, of course, be doing video hosting and we'll take lots of photos. I want to spend more time taking y'all along on the trips to hear what it's like, feel it, and see it.

I won't even get into all the book work going on, but I will update you eventually on that front. For now, just know that it never ends. We are also hoping to hit Vulture Mine for a ghost hunt, as well as some other unique places like the Bird Cage Theater in Tombstone.

It's my goal to begin doing a lot more video of the places we go and things we do and I also hope to begin a series of "Alone" based on my "alone series I wrote for the blog (button at top of screen) of being alone in places most people don't like to be alone in. I want to do video versions where I take the flipcam with me into scary places and share the sights, describe the sounds and feels and all so you can see what it's like to explore creepiness by your lonesome.

The important thing for you to know is that we're taking y'all along and going to share it with you as best as is possible, as well as the findings. We can put together our think tank here and sort over the findings to make conclusions in the field of testing theories.

Hopefully, you're enjoying my writer's blog Sharon Day and Julie and I's Hug-A-Blogger site for bloggers and socializing.


  1. Sounds like you are going to be a busy girl. I hope ya'll have a great time on your adventures!

  2. At least you're still shiny! :)

  3. Yeah, we're always plotting. Okay, I'm always plotting, but Julie is dear enough to go along. Someone has to monitor my child-like exuberance or I'd likely get struck by a rattlesnake or all through a floorboard. With penny-colored hair, you can't help but be shiny.

  4. This looks like it's going to be extremely fun, I can't wait to see the pictures when you have them. Nothing like an interest based vacation to recharge the batteries!

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  6. Huh...don't know how that duplicated itself...

  7. Aaron;
    I have a ghost in my blogger because it does that a lot with repeating people's comments. For a time, it would repeat mine a dozen times and I'd have to go back and erase them all. I think it might count as a poltergeist more than a residual blog haunting. Whatcha think? I will take any chance to do a road trip, day trip or whatever. I'm starting vacation tomorrow night and I plan to maybe get around and do some cool spots to video and photograph and share too. I see some pretty weird sites and go to places most people don't want to venture and it occurred to me that sharing this would be cool. I'm hoping this summer to plan a trip during monsoon season so I can videotape a coming haboob in a place that is kind of ramshackle. Filming a storm inside an abandoned place would be soooo awesome! (big kid grin)

  8. Fun Fun Fun! I wish I had friends who's work schedules weren't so screwy so I could go out and do this kinda stuff! LOL Oh well, I take the fun times when I can...me and the Beau are way over due! Sunday...yeah, got to do something Sunday!

  9. Sis;
    Yup. Sometimes we have to schedule things with others on weekends and that's a bit of a drag because everything is busy and crowded. Julie and I always enjoy hitting places mid week when no one is there and proprietors are more chatty about their ghosts and such.

  10. Pretty ambitious, kid. Have a great time.

  11. MM;
    It's enthusiastic, not ambitious! I just want to do everything all at once. I'm like a kid at an amusement park. I want all the rides at once!

  12. Just don't end up like these amateurs here...


    As far as your Blogger ghost, I have to admit that I am somewhat skeptical how a spirit could imded itself into html code becau

    I exist.

  13. Aaron, you kill me. Yeah, I'm not one who believes in ghosts jumping into technology. I've written about that before when people ask if ghosts are calling them on their cell phones and such. You might consider that given all the crazy waves out there in the atmosphere, you're picking up other people's shit, not ghost's shit, folks. I can't tell you how many times in my old house, I'd pick up my phone to call someone and hear the neighbor's conversation. I'd sit and listen. I got caught up in it. It was like a Mexican Soap Opera. I just wish I knew which neighbor. One time, they said they had to run and take the kids to school. So, I rushed outside and waited to see which minivan was leaving. I was surprised!

  14. I can't wait for the cemetery crawl. That is going to be a blast.


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