Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Trinity of Relevance in Ghost Hunting

Over many years of hunting and over 100 cases, I have come to a methodology in helping people study their encounters and determine if they were genuine and, more importantly, what to make of it.

In my book, "Was That a Ghost?" (Kindle/Nook) I go into more detail about this concept, but the basis is this: There are three aspects that must be looked at when dealing with encounters of the paranormal to help the witness make sense of it, to take the heat and fear out of it, change it to either practical explanation or curious wonder. This is my own technique and something I devised on my own, but it works in every single case without fail. We must look at:

Belief System
Explanatory Style

The context of the occurrence is important in every way, from the location, to those around you, to the mood you are in, to the mood those around you are in, to renovation of a space, to expectations you have had.

Your belief system influences how you interpret an event and whether it is a threat or insignificant. This includes our religious beliefs, but also your personal cognitive beliefs; if you believe in phenomena or not. Religious beliefs often set up some inherent beliefs about "the other side" and whether it is good or bad, well intentioned or evil. A total skeptic may brush aside an experience because he refuses to believe such a thing can exist. A person who has waited long to have such an encounter may believe anything he doesn't investigate is paranormal.

Explanatory style is what you tell yourself about what happened, how you explain it in your head. Do you jump to conclusions, intellectualize it or use excited and exaggerated language? We usually enter an event with a series of explanations to ourselves that changes over the course of the event. If you see a person skipping down the road and singing while twirling an umbrella you might have a conversation in your head like this as you first see until the person has skipped away; "Is someone filming a YouTube skit?" You laugh. "Maybe someone hired him for a new restaurant or nightclub to get business." You look around. "He seems kind of drunk." You stop smiling. "Maybe he's mentally ill?" You step aside and give him room. "I wonder if the cops will catch him?" You look around. "Poor guy." You walk away.

This is only one small part of my book and my methods. People often wonder when I'm doing the blog and writing funny or inspirational posts or "Mind Fuck Tuesday" and more, how it is that I handle the ghost aspect of my ghost hunting theories. I admit to being sassy and brassy, saying it like it is and having a wicked sense of humor, but when it comes to the subject of the paranormal world, I am that woman who writes the insightful and thought-provoking posts that you've been reading for some time.

I have the utmost respect for those who have experienced the unexplained as I have experienced it much of my life and I understand all the different feelings and phases, confusion and fear, worry and excitement they feel. This book is basically the entire process I go through with these people. By the time we're done, they not only have a handle on what happened, but they have a plan for their future in the world of the paranormal, as well as some skills that they can apply in their regular everyday life to cool off their fears and anxieties and amp up their curiosity and drive.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, just about anything that happens to you in life, this trinity can be applied to get a real handle and perspective on it.

(I'm doing a Q&A with Ben and Devin from Fact or Faked today, so expect to hear about that this afternoon)

Every now and then, I'm going to suggest a lesser known blog. Today, I'm going to suggest you check out this one.


  1. Trinity? Isn't she with Neo? (LOL!)

    It's almost ironic that "Belief System" is part of your Trinity.

    (I'm sure the church is thrilled!)

  2. Hey, wasn't Trinity the mother in the movie "Disturbia"?

    Thanks, my howling friend.

  3. my belief system and PC research tells me that every time my apartment cracks and squeeks and it is termites.

  4. What if my belief system and my explanatory style go hand in hand?
    I don't want to "generic skeptic" out here, but my lack of faith in any higher powers generally causes my explanations to be in the "there is a perfectly good explanation for that!" mindframe.

    Completely unrelated, I am going to send you an email with some EVP, just to get your ear on the matter.

  5. Echo;
    You sound like you have a handle on it, dear.

    You're talking to the right person. I have no personal religious belief system that involves a deity and a heaven, but I am also a witness to much activity, so though I have no belief system in heaven and souls, per se, I have witnessed things that make me absolutely believe in phenomena and I seek to find out if it possess the intelligence of afterlife or something of this world yet unexplained or perhaps time lapses, dimensional shifts--any of these options are pretty damn exciting. As I say in my book, you can't use one event as proof to support your faith. If you have your faith, proof of ghosts or proof ghosts don't exist, will not shake that faith. Faith and belief are rather different. Faith needs no proof, belief happens after a person makes a correlation using his explanatory style. It's an exciting field to be in because answering the "do souls exist" is important to some of us who aren't faith-based folks. We ask questions and we have no belief system that will be offended by the answer. We're the ideal investigators.

  6. How is it that you, a humble blogger, makes more sense and articulates your beliefs more clearly than any of the so-called paranormal researchers on basic cable right now?

    I will admit, I am a bit of a fan of Jason and Grant. But mostly because of their blue-collar charm and not their knowledgeability. That and I'm pretty sure (at least)Grant has faked evidence before. But you can't really blame him in the fact that there livelihood depends on an entertaining show...

    Maybe that's why you are so much better than they are when it comes to explaining things pertaining to the paranormal.

  7. Aaron;
    You make me blush. I'm just no-nonsense and a bit of a goof and the combo probably comes across to a bigger audience since I think all the really intelligent people that ready my blog are also nerdish enough to be no-nonsense and goofy. I have a particularly unusual set of influences I talked about in my book that culminate in the way I not only handle the paranormal but make it understandable in a new fresh way for folks. I never looked at anything the way others do. In school, I remember seeing Apollo missions launch on the TV set rolled into the classroom, but instead of watching them, I was looking out the window to the south to see if I could see them taking off. I never was your usual bird. That probably helps. I have a good deal of respect for J&G for putting ghost hunting out there when it was not a popular or understood hobby. Because of them, I no longer had to hide what I do in my spare time.