This Week in Paranormal TV and Horror Movies

*asterisk means I'm watching it.

AMC: “Speed” (movie)
Syfy: “Being Human”

*Syfy: “Destination Truth” marathon with new season episode “Haunted prison; Ucamar” **Followed by the first episode of my new favorite “Marcel's Quantum Kitchen” where he has to design a safari-themed party.

*Syfy: “Ghost Hunters” finally adds a new intelligent member—a dog. Following this is the mucha awaited Season 2 opener of “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files” with research into the Queen Mary and Battle LA. This is going to be awesome! Don't forget—tomorrow is my show review of FoF with the trademark tank top shot. I want your input.
History Channel: “Ancient Aliens” and “Journey to the Earth's Core”

Syfy: “Saw II” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning” (movies)

AMC: “Predator 2” and “Terminator 2” (movies)
Travel Channel: “Ghost Adventures” marathon
History Channel: “Monsterquest”


  1. I didn't know "Speed" qualified as a paranormal movie. (LOL!)

  2. Eric;
    Yeah, I thought about it, but since Keanu's acting is horrifying, it might just squeak by.

  3. LOL to your comment sis... I will be watching DT, FoF, and the newest GH four-legged member for sure.

  4. Yes, this week will be crazy. My Josh Gates Journals tomorrow will make you smile and cringe. The FoF review will be fantastically fun. You will adore Marcel's Quantum Kitchen. It's my new favorite guilty pleasure.


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