Monday, March 14, 2011

This Week in Horror Movies and Paranormal TV

I'm starting this Monday morning post again and next week it should be awesome, but this week ain't shabby.

*Asterisk means I'm watching it

AMC: “The League of Extraordinary Gentleman” (movie)
Syfy: Two episodes of “Being Human”

Syfy: “Dinoshark” followed by “Mega Python vs Gataroid” (movies)
Animal Planet: A few episodes of “The Haunted

AMC: “The Chronicles of Riddick” (movie)
Syfy: “Ghost Hunters” (in New Orleans) followed by *season ender of “Face Off”
*History Channel: Ancient Aliens

***Syfy: I am only listing Syfy and I think you're a dweeb if you go out and get drunk. Stay home on St. Patty's Day and have some Guiness and stuffed cabbage (God, I hope your loved ones adore you because this will test them in close quarters) and watch the first ever 4-hour live episode of “Desination Truth” from Ireland looking for banshees in a castle and the woods. I will have a special post up that day and then following that, the show is on Tuesdays and expect a hilarious reminder each Tuesday from me in the “Josh Gates Journals”

Travel Channel: “Ghost Adventure” reruns


  1. St. Patrick's Day a.k.a. Amateur Night. Stay home and have a Guinness instead: Good advice!

  2. I'm watching Californication, and Shameless to start my week .

  3. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen yes please

  4. Ok....ok.... I'll be home Thursday. But just because I don't want to be a dweeb.

    And heh, I haven't seen LXG in a while. Go go, washed up Sean Connery!

  5. I'd recommend Pitch Black over Chronicles of Riddick.

  6. Eric; I'm guessing you'll heed that advice.

    PhotoClasher; I love Californication!!! Never heard of Shameless.

    I've never seen it. I really should. I have no excuses except I worried it would be as miserable as the Sherlock Holmes remake and I do so love the steampunk era feel to movies.

    Yahoo! No dweeb!

    The Duke;
    I wondered about that. I loved Pitch Black so much, I really didn't want another installment.

  7. OMG destination truth is still on? I thought it had gone off! What channel is it on? Btw Being Human is an awesome show, even though I don't get to watch it that much, and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a great steampuk-era movie.

  8. Hey `littleSis;
    Yeah, DT's ratings have been through the roof for Syfy. Since Josh became one of the producers it's been unbelievable. I think third season was the single best season of any show I've ever seen. I have to see League--I'm a steampunk freak. I have an army surplus purse and dangling off of it is a brass compass and an antique brass pocketwatch. I like to give a nod it in my everyday life.

  9. I am excited to see the DT 4 hour live show. I told Gary no dinner or sex, DT rules! (just kidding folks, lol). I hate to see Face Off end because it was a fascinating show to watch. The last four remaining are very talented and I can't wait to see what they come up with for the final project.

  10. I believe the final challenge is the best. They must fool their own families in disguise.

  11. They did that last week and most of the family members were fooled. The one that they got rid of didn't do that well and I don't think her mother was fooled. Sam, the only female left, made herself a man and won the challenge. Her makeover was amazing and her hubby had no idea it was her.

  12. Nightmares for sure. Though I thought I saw one on a rudolph special!