Shivers Monday: Creepy Cryptids

A lesser known Bigfoot-like creature, the Ucumar, is reported in the jungle-covered mountainous areas of Chile and Argentina. Josh Gates and the “Destination Truth” team will go in search of it on their next Tuesday episode.

The Ucumar is reported to be the size of a dog, but walking on two legs. A veterinarian who studied the photos said it was anthropomorphic, but had exaggerated incisors. It was like nothing she had ever seen.

From The Weekly Constitutional: On July 23, 2010, a rancher and his nephew (who both chose to remain anonymous) went out into their fields to round up their cattle.  It was there that they came upon the unknown creature.

Frightened by it big glowing green eyes and it's banshee like cry, the two gauchos fired a shot at the creature, killing it.

Upon examining the creature (dead from ahead shot), the ranchers discovered that they had killed a baby Ucumar. 

Fearing reprisal from the creature's mother, the two cut off the dead animal’s head (ya know, to prove they actually saw it) and tossed the headless body into a near-by canyon.

The Ucumar is often referred to by locals as a bear man with bear legs and feet, but short and fat with long hair and living in gulches and caves.

I admit to a huge fascination for cryptids. People who live in an area and report something unusual should be listened to carefully. The villagers who had seen the great ape were considered storytellers until the great apes were discovered. If you live in the Phoenix suburbs, you expect to see javelina, coyotes and even an occasional loose cow wandering into your neighborhood, but should an armadillo arrive, we will be chattering excitedly about this strange creature that does not belong here. We know what belongs. People in remote areas know what belongs. They also keenly know what does NOT belong.

I'm not sure what Josh will find. I will take a wild stab at it—nothing! If he does ever come across something, it will hit the news before the episode is ever aired, like that yeti footprint episode. But, I do look forward to the remote locations, the eyewitness accounts and the creepy location. Looking for anything in the dark is always creepier. Have you ever gone out and called for your dog in the dark backyard? Those first rustlings in the bushes still make your heart beat faster, even though you know it's just “Scout.”

El Bruja atlarcomulco is a Mexican supposedly captured witch captured in a village:

Here's a good story of a Mexican farmer who supposedly found and killed an alien

How about this supposed baby alien found in Chile?

CONCEPCION, Chile -- On October first of 2002, while vacationing in the Southern Chilean city of Concepcion, a group of family members found what appeared to be a small humanoid creature. The miniscule being measures about 7.2 centimeters long. It has a relatively large head, two arms with long fingers, and two legs. The discovery was first reported by Mega News Service, which is the local news channel in the Santiago area. More here.

I love my cryptids, but the lesser known ones are really freaking creepy and legends have always been something I adore. I can get all caught up in the scary story telling. Imagine seeing these and hearing the stories and then being told to hike around in the places they were supposedly found? You'd be kind of twitchy, huh?

Well, I hope you enjoyed your Shivers Monday. I think I'll do this after the TV guide on Monday mornings. It's fun to find ways to creep y'all out.

**If you would like the full transcript of the Josh Gates Q&A, just email me at He is a very well-spoken, articulate man, and just as witty and charming as on the show. The real deal. I don't believe I even heard so much as one "um" or "ah" out of him.**


  1. those are creepy, what about those cases when people claim that they have tiny alien implants in their bodies.

  2. Echo--ew! (but I'd still like to see pics of those).

  3. Those are crazy, that picture of the "witch woman" creeped me the hell out. I'm not going to be able to get that image out of my head for awhile...

  4. That "alien baby" still freaks me out, I don't care what the History Channel says.

    I too enjoy the subject of cryptids, but like most of your subject matter here, I try to just enjoy it in the daylight.

  5. Doc;
    Wasn't there some kind of creepy kids animation movie with creatures that looked just like that? I can't remember which one, but yes it freaked me out too, like if a cat and a human mated.

    Hee hee. I love my cryptids but I love to be scared just as much, so an ideal night for me would be sitting in the dark watching video after video of them and then going outside and walking in the dark down a lonely path...

  6. Hey there, my Starry (kid) Sister & an excellent new week to you. I hate to put a damper on anyone's alleged "evidence", especially in light of how, still a 'tween, the late, great Fortean investigator, John Alva Keel's Strange Creatures of Time & Space was a veritable Bible for me, what with all its reems of cryptid encounters. The god of fandom, Frank Frazett'a cover only enhanced its value. I still have both a dog-eared copy & a relatively pristine copy.

    Here's my bone of contention. Sharon. The bogus charge that the Witch of Altacopulco, Mexico is an authentic creature caught, enhoused, & photographed just brings me to the edge of frustration over such claims.

    You see, installation artist & sculptress from Down Under, Patricia Piccinnini, has this ongoing thing about transhumanism, genetically-tweaked animal lifeforms (some with human DNA), & what can only be termed smart cars. To wit, she has said:

    "Some things, once done, are not easily undone. We might recognise later that we should not have done them in the first place, however undoing them is not so easy. Like an egg, which once broken cannot be unbroken, when something is created, it is difficult to contain. This stands as much for a work of art as it does for a genetically modified creature. Anyone who thinks that they can maintain control of the things that they create is fooling themselves. Whether it is genetically modified canola, the cane toad, a work on the secondary market or an image on the internet, once the thing leaves our hands all we can do is watch."

    You can view an astonishing array of Miss Piccinnini's œuvre right here. Enjoy the freak show, y'all. Lookin' forward to your Mind Fuck Tuesdays mañana, Baby Girl.

    Hugs from my giant & me,
    Anadæ Quenyan Effro (von Thüringen)

  7. Bror;
    I love when you shed your light and wonder. I have to admit that my belief in any of the cryptids coming from south of our border is completely suspended. Should anyone decide to offer up some of these carcasses for exam, we might find something akin to the old Ripley's display monkey/mermaid. But, as my imagination has no limits, I do so love local folklore and creepy pics to get me all worked up. I want to live in a world where there are things lurking we cannot see, but perhaps are watching us...

  8. Those tiny little unknown creatures are just plain creepy!!!

  9. Reminds you of the zuni hunting doll, huh?

  10. That doll totally gives me shivers. I hope to never see one in person!

  11. ……. Sharon & all interested parties, for more on the source o/t Mexican Bruja (laughing) please go to the supplied hyperlink to some additional coverage on sculptress Patricia Piccinnini's genetically altered life-like human/animal chimera sculptures. Once there, scroll down & you'll see that the installation group entitled Leather Landscape2, 2003 is the origin o/t lifted & copied pic purporting to be authentic. Enjoy. I just feel comfortable w/ eveything you said, Sharon, & right at home w/t weird. So, no shivers for this boy. LOL! Peace out ~ (•8-D

  12. Can't get that alien baby out of my head...creepy

  13. That monkey head thing with the green eyes--that really gets me!

  14. Ha! Those ARE creepy! Dale should like them...he is afterall, Mr. CREEPY McCREEPERSON!

  15. Love your prediction of what Josh will find! Great point about listening to the locals. Theres a reason these stories get passed down. Creepy is the appropriate description for this post.

  16. Guy;
    Glad to give you shivers. Expect many more on Mondays to come. :-)

  17. Here in Latin America, I've seen all kinds of crazy things on the nightly news. Last year they showed cell phone footage of something that resembled the small humanoid in your post walking through a neighborhood. It could very well been a hoax, but if so it was a good one. What sucks is that if something like this were to happen in the states, it would become a sensation and you would see all kinds of archives and analysis on YouTube that you could pour over for months.

    Down here people, just cross themselves and try to forget what they saw....

  18. Aaron;
    Good point. I'm much more likely to believe people who live in a village and several have seen something strange. They would know what does and doesn't belong. The real bitch is that, if they did capture or kill such a thing, it's unlikely it would make it to an analysis lab. I can't imagine how rich the culture and the folklore is there. Yes, it's definitely hard to hide in America, hmm? But, somehow Bigfoot manages, right? Sometimes, I wish I could move in with him. I've had enough of concrete myself. Besides, I'm vegetarian, he'd be easy to cook for. :-)

  19. Well then I believe that there is a lucky sasquatch out there somewhere! I just hope this theory of them being modern Meganthropus isn't true. Your kids just wouldn't look right....

  20. Aaron;
    Yeah, I don't want to mess with that gene pool!


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