Q&A With Josh Gates "Destination Truth"

(Okay, so my new thing with Josh is to put his head and necklace on other bodies and I suck at Photoshop so it makes it extra special and fun)

Yesterday, I was on a teleconference Q&A with Josh Gates from "Destination Truth" (my very favorite show). I am always impressed by this man. He is highly intelligent and compassionate, talented and curious.

St. Patrick's Day from 7-11 pm there will be the shows first ever live episode coming from Ireland. The location is the site of supposed visual and auditory signs of a screaming banshee (a female spirit who wails when someone in a family is about to die, a kind of creepy harbinger of death, if you will).

The investigation will be set up with some new equipment making it possible for us to follow the teams as they divide and conquer a huge castle, a walled garden and the forests beyond. Kris and Barry From GHI will also be there on site to evaluate evidence and render opinions in real time.

Josh is extremely excited about the trek he has wanted to make for years--Antarctica. They go to some abandoned research stations that supposedly had activity. He said it was one of their funniest and exciting episodes. I admit, that is exactly what I always wanted them to do--go to the old abandoned stations. Wahoo! He said all the episodes were exciting and he especially loved showing Namibia in SW Africa because it's rarely filmed and one of the things they strive for the most is to bring people to hard to reach and unusual places.

He said their team changes often because they are on the road for 2-3 months and then home for a period of time in which time these people have other jobs they're hired for that interrupt filming scheduling. He also said that sometimes they like people with a certain language ability or expertise for a certain shoot.

A technical question I think a lot of us wanted answered was about their body mounted cameras. The cameras are aimed at their faces and film them as they hunt, but a questioner asked why they don't turn the camera to face out and he said that if they did the IR would conflict with the IR from the main filming cameras would blast it out.

Since the show has never revisited a place, that was asked. Josh said in a year or two expect them to go back to some places. Please let it be Doll Island and Suicide Forest and the forest in Romania!

I am very very excited about this season and I think it will prove to be one of their best. I don't know if it could top the season with Doll Island and Suicide Forest and King Tut and Chernobyl and such, but I am sure it will compete mightily.

Be ready on St. Patty's Day. I'm doing a new special series whenever the show is on and it will have you laughing and getting exciting and even quizzes that will be real stumpers.

The real season of the show will begin on Tuesday the 22nd at 9 pm. So, expect this show to be a Tuesday night special this season on Syfy.

**Do not forget-tonight is Lonely on a Friday night. I'll be in all evening, so jump on and say hi whenever you can. I'll know if you enter my lair.**


  1. "I'll know if you enter my lair" ?


    "Will you walk into my parlor?" said the spider to the fly;

    "'Tis the prettiest little parlor that ever you may spy.

    - from "The Spider And The Fly" by Mary Howitt

  2. Tuesdays; that is perfect. I only have a couple of must watch shows on that day so I welcome DT to join them. I am glad someone asked my question of will he return back to any of the places he has been and it sounds like he is. I also figured the schedule was a tough one and that could be why his team keeps changing. This is going to be another great DT season.

  3. He was even more giddy this year on interview about the season than last season. Technically, I guess it's season 4.5 right now. I'm glad they separate the season into halves because I hate having a long drought. The Antarctica one I suspect might be his favorite episode they've done. Part of that I'm sure is his excitement to do one on a continent they hadn't hit, but also it sounds like they were surprised by what happened once there. Hmm....

  4. This is one of my absolute favorite shows as well. It seems like they get so close sometimes to what it is that they are chasing too.

    I have always found cryptids and the paranormal to be fascinating, and I's like to follow this blog as much as possible from here on out.

  5. Aaron, this is definitely your blog. Feel free to use the search button on the righthand side, but I suggest you hit the "LAUGH" tab at the top. I do some hilarious spoofs of paranormal shows and Josh gets to host them and roll his eyes in frustration with their antics.

  6. I like this great and interesting show with quirky humor, the concept of trying to find mythological creatures, and smell the proverbial big foot poop.

  7. Echo;
    It satisfies my love of humor, paranormal and adventures--it's the holy trinity of my life!

  8. Love me some DT.

    But there's a problem. I love me some St. Patty's day.

    And I don't have a DVR.

    What do I do?

  9. Hell, it's going to be soooo good. I say have some folks over and stock up on Guinness.


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