Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Videos: An Abandoned Shop & My Creepy Home


  1. Was there a doll without a head at :59?!
    Things are already creepy enough. Nice set up though!

  2. RR;
    Yes! I found her at an abandoned site. I have a nasty habit of taking home any dolls I find in abandoned sites. They become part of my "tortured dollies" collection.

  3. Well now that IS creepy. Isn't that just asking for some sort of spiritual trouble?!?

    Oh, I did check out that link you posted; and now I can't get those damn knees out of my mind. Thanks, thanks a lot. :D

    As far as pareidola goes, every once in a while I get in to EVPs (I made a ghost box) but I tend to keep that to my (skeptical) self. Perhaps in the future I will just send them to you; I just searched your page and you have quite a few posts on it. Kudos!

  4. RR;
    You have to believe in bad mojo to get it. I believe in intentions and me taking in these objects gives them a new vibe. I also tend to use a little of my psychic insight to know if the items will get along well--you can learn about that in my book "Was That a Ghost?" coming out this next week more than likely. I had a whole chapter on "haunted items"

  5. Well done! I liked the music choice, and combined with the editing and camera work gave the short a very nice, dream-like feeling. Awesome decor, by the way!

  6. HN;
    That's just when it's not Halloween season. My B-day is in mid September and I used to want to put up these ghosts I constructed of wire and white masks and sheer white fabric coming out of the walls in agonizing positions to get ready for Halloween season. My ex said "no way!" But, now that I'm on my own, I keep some stuff up all year and then at Halloween I can go nuts. I'm digging it. You can totally relate, I'm sure.

  7. cool videos! love the walls on that abandoned shop. ii would totally live there. i'll take on roof on that one of course. :)

    and some of those items in your home are super creepy. those eyes at the end. i couldn't live with that one or the dolls. (insert a nervous hee, hee)

  8. The music goes perfect with the videos especially the one showing your creepy collection.

  9. I don't see me in your creepy home yet.
    Where am I ?

  10. Sandra;
    Yes, the dolls help me to write horror by staring at me and keeping me unsettled. I've written some of my best stuff with them staring me down.

    It came out pretty good. I captured the feel of that place and it's strange twists and turns, I think.

    Dear, I have a special place for you in that creepy home, dear. It has pillows and some sheets and a huge mirror above it.

  11. Haha, woo Max! Enter the mistresses' bedchambers... but be warned... you may not come out alive...

    Music for vid #2 seemed to be more fitting than vid #1. It was just too upbeat for me. But wow, seeing the vid vs pictures of that abandoned building really changed the vibe I was getting from there...

  12. L.I.I.;
    He's the little devil, he has nothing to fear about death. :-)

    I chose some light music for that abandoned site because it had a wild fun rambling feel to it, twisting turns and was really a happy building even though it looked pretty weird. It's kind of how I felt while walking around in it. Spirit music, if you will.

  13. Lost.in.Idaho , I'll be jumping on her bed,and messing up her sheets soon enough.
    Woo Hoo !

  14. Max;
    Baby, I am guessing those sheets might be smoking.