Mind Fuck Tuesday: Hiking in Tucson in Search of Ancient Stones

Here's the question Julie and I are asking in our upcoming book "Spirit Vessels: Why Some Buildings Are Haunted" What did the ancients know about stones that we don't seem to recall?

My buddy in Tucson contacted me about his recent desert hike and finding of circles of HoHoKam grinding stones. This brought back the question of circular stands of stones, sometimes toted long distances to build sacred structures found in places like Egypt, the UK, the Americas, Easter Island and more. When wood was easier to use and more convenient, many cultures demanded certain structures be stone and specific types of stones.

To that end, Julie and I are planning to hike with our buddy in Tucson to do some research for the book in such a sacred place. We will also perform some experiments and look for phenomena. I am strong with theories, but I also like to go out in the field and test them.

Here's how I see it; certain stones, put into the right formations become ideal spirit vessels. They retain spiritual energy and amplify it like the echoing chambers of a music hall. Many generations of spiritual practices in one area are likely to retain more and more collective memory, as a haunted house under the right construction and atop the right geology might be an ideal site for spirit activity.

So, I hope to bring dowsing rods, compass, do some chanting and dancing and see what I can visualize of the past activity of the place. In general, by touching objects, I can visualize past movement and activities, people and purpose. I hope to, of course, take video and photos to share with y'all as we go through the process of this research. We're hoping to hit it in mid April before the damn rattlers come out to play.

Let me know what you think of this theory. We hope to hold up all the things we learn about the components of spirit vessels in one example of a famous haunted site that has all the attributes x 1000.


  1. I hope you guys take plenty of video, I am prett curious as to what you find out there. Wasn't it there that Geronimo was able to stay a step ahead of the US Army for so long? I could be wrong about the locale, but I read "Wait for Me on the Mountain" long, long ago...

    Just be careful, that desert is full of scorpions, snakes, and republicans...

  2. Oh yes. Definitely taking video, doing experiments, taking pics. We're going before the rattlers are out and about hopefully. So far as the damn Republicans--we're heading to Tucson and they're liberals there. In fact, they want to break off and become Baja Arizona. I don't blame them. I'd like to disown the damn state too.

  3. I'm sure some rocks are better suited to this purpose than others.

    I collect rocks on the beach, but I haven't made any spirit vesssels with them - unless you count the ones I put in the vase with my bamboo plant. :)

  4. I put rocks around the tops of the soil on my tons of houseplants. So far, from a psychic POV, I have noted some things, like granite holds info forever. Sandstone holds emotion, but not really memories or visuals, quartz holds energy, not good or bad--just like a battery. Copper is freaking insane and kinetic and not at all controllable. For some reason, granite seems to be the best stone to hold things accurately and for long periods of time. This is purely from the psychic POV, but I'd like to learn more about why the ancients wanted to use certain rock and also how they used them--they seemed to know to create "rooms" in certain ways. If you stand next to a mountain of granite, there is no way you can't feel that it is significantly different feeling than a mountain of limestone and sedimentary rock. It's just dense but also very reflective. Oh, this subject is soooo exciting to me, if you can't tell. I feel I'm on the verge of understanding something ancient and I want to come at it from the ancient's POV to see how they knew what they knew and how they used it.

  5. This is why I comment later in the day. I love reading the comments. Baja Arizona? Brilliant!

    I can't wait to see what your adventure produces. Not this weekend but next, I'm planning on making a trip to Atomic City, Idaho. I hear it's a fun place to get lost and screw around...

  6. L.I.I;
    Get lost and screw around--I like that! Sounds like my kind of day off. Go Baja Arizona. I think I'll eventually move to Tucson in the near future because I have no clue if my son and his fiancee will ever leave here and if I don't move to a slightly better climate and more liberal folks, I will end up a babbling idiot.


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