Mind Fuck Tuesday: Geomagnetic Craziness!

They just announced that the sun is going into another 11-12 year cycle of activity. Why do we care? Well, besides them warning we'll likely lose communications and electricity for a few months when a big storm hits, I'm more focused on what intrigues me; geomagnetic storms. These are created by space weather/solar flares.

What the heck does it matter? Well, studies have shown higher increases in suicides and strange vivid dreams when geomagnetic storms occur. And, why not? We are affected by many things being held down on this planet called Earth, like the principals of gravity, the tides and seismic activity.

While reviewing my logs of ghost hunts years ago, I came across something interesting. I was reading up on geomagnetic activity's affects on the body and wondered if it correlated with particularly good ghost hunt nights. Well, it did 100% of the time!

Then, I started thinking about how since 2008, we've have almost no activity when before that it was very active. Incidentally, shows like Ghost Hunters and many of us ghost hunters in the field noted a sharp drop in activity the past few years when before that there was a lot.

We've started into activity again. I wasn't surprised because I was having very vivid and clear dreams. On my dream logs, I looked at the archives for geomagnetic storm activity and we were having electron flux (the most notorious one correlating with weird shit) the nights I was having these extremely clear and intricate dreams.

So, weird dreams and ghostly activity: This will give me a chance to not only get some good ghost hunting in, but to also work on this theory.

Tell me, do you think geomagnetic storms cause more ghostly activity because they activate our brains and so we have more hallucinations or perhaps more ability to perceive activity or it helps to lay down residual events for future replay?


Do you think the geomagnetic storms simply make it more possible for ghostly activity to generate?


  1. My answer to the question is: Yes.

    I'm not really sure which way is more correct, but maybe it's a combination of the two? It alters not only our perception, but the fabric of reality altogether?

  2. Interesting!! I'd kind of agree with lost in idaho. I'm not sure either way, but it definatly sounds a bit dodgy, how the hell are we all gonna do our blogs if the electric goes down for a month, that will cause nightmares!!

  3. Guys, thanks for the input. I have long wondered if geomagnetic storms work as some kind of x-ray effect to hold an event in the surroundings for replay in residual later on. I also it makes it possible for more activity to occur. I even went and thought of 50 huge world events like wars, killings, earthquakes and more and looked up all 50 and all of them happened during a geomagnetic storm. What are the chances that 50 random horrible events lined up with geomagnetic storms 100% of the time? Hmm... Ray-I agree on the electricity. I live in AZ and I think "why the fuck aren't we all using only solar? What else can we do with the damned sun? It beats down on us every cursed day!"

  4. Well, x-rays do allow you to see through people and things.

  5. Hey Jeff;
    Well, I doubt geomagnetic has a radiation effect, but something of another type that perhaps holds images or sounds in a place. Finding the things that creates residual is most intriguing to me because that's the most obviously easy to track ghostly pattern and that would give us a chance to anticipate and look for changes in the environment when it replays. It also might be that somehow a geomagnetic storm in a moment in time with a great deal of human body energy due to strong emotions combines to lay down the residual track and then to reactivate that moment in time again it takes another geomagnetic storm. Intriguing stuff. I hope to keep learning more about it. I don't think it's coincidence that such storms happened 100% of the times I encounter activity at sites.

  6. You know, way back years ago I used to check the activity prior to an investigation. I've slacked off a lot since... and it's funny that you never hear a word about it on paraTV. Back when I started investigating, everyone was using it!

    Honestly, I'm not sure which... or if the answer lies outside both choices. It's a lot more complex than just the general geomagnetic activity. That's a collection of several points of data so it'd be interesting to break it down, see the effects of each one at times of higher activity. It might even help with a few hypotheses I've formed over the years and wanted to observe and test. Only then could I justify the expense of getting some pieces of equipment I've thought might actually do a heck of a lot more in detecting activity than any EMF meter on the market.

  7. Ken;
    I'm working on a book, "Spirit Vessels: Why Some Buildings Are Haunted" and I've been working on some theories involving conditions from geology to the very construction of buildings. I'd love to knock this stuff around with you. Feel free to email psychic62@hotmail.com

  8. I agree with the enhanced brain activity theory. I read a book a couple of years ago about the Gaia Theory called "Earthmind" which had a hypothesis that the Earth has shifted polarity in the past and there are some areas where the rocks have a kind of polar "identity crisis" which allows brain activity to soar. Most of the sacred areas touched upon in the book were in the U.K. including Stonehenge, but if I recall correctly, there are some in the U.S.

  9. Hey `7;
    Yes. I really think the ancients knew that. What I find in consistently haunted locations are stone buildings or stone foundations and wonderful geology that is very rich and ancient. I think that the ancients knew this when building stone instead of wood monuments. They made giant resonators.


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