Horror Movies: Easter Eggs & Editing Mistakes

Hopefully, you've heard of Easter Eggs. No, not the Cadbury kind, but the DVD kind! Hidden on many DVDs are little extras, but you need to know how to access them. Here's some good horror movie DVD Easter Eggs for you—this is as close to the Bun-Man as I get this time of year.

“Jeepers Creepers”
From the main menu, go the "Scene Selections" section. At the bottom of the first selection screen, highlight the "Chapter 1-4" entry and then pressyour Up button. This will highlight a stitch. Press your Enter button to watch an interview clip of famed science fiction writer Richard Matheson.
Didn't notice director Victor Salva's Hitchcock-like appearance in Jeepers Creepers? This Easter Egg makes it easy to find. From the "Special Features" submenu, go to the "Cast & Crew" section. Highlight "Victor Salva" and then press your Up button. This will highlight a bloody streak. Press your Enter button to play director Victor Salva's cameo in the movie.
Here's a "creepy" Jeepers Creepers Easter Egg. Insert the movie side of the DVD and, from the disc's main menu, highlight the "Languages" menu entry. Now, pressyour Left button to highlight the image of a piece of rope. Press your Enter button now to display an alternate version of the main menu featuring the Creeper Eye.

“Practical Magic”
Go to "special features", click on "the cauldron". click first on rosemary, then mint, grapes, and last is lavender. then click on mix. this will bring you to "making magic" and "casting a spell"

“The Sixth Sense”
In the Bonus Materials section, go to the second page and highlight the jewelry box on the screen; then press Enter. You'll see an excerpt from a horror movie Shyamalan shot at age 11.

“Thirteen Ghosts” (new)
First, go to the "Special Features" menu. When it comes up, Go to "Ghost profiles". After Cyrus is done talking to you, select the object that is a jaw bone. Cyrus will start telling you about the Jackal, and in it you will see several scenes from House on Haunted Hill.

My favorite site is hiddendvdeastereggs Look up some of your favorite horror movies.

I'm warped enough to get most excited during movies when I see editing mistakes. I think the movie “Practical Magic” had some of the most blatant ones of any movie I've ever seen, but “Meet the Parents” was close. Just little things like two people talking and when they cut back to one of them, he has a necklace he didn't have earlier or that open bottle he was holding has a cork in it, stuff like that.

A great site to find these and to report them is moviemistakes.

Here's a great example: We all know the classic movie “Halloween.” Here's the page with people listing all the mistakes they found. These include seeing the fan used to blow the curtains, seeing the boom mic and the crew's cigarette smoke and many more things that don't line up. For instance, “When Annie is locked in the laundry room, there's a scene where the phone is ringing incessantly and the camera pans slowly to the right showing little Lindsay Wallace who's too busy watching television to answer the phone. If you watch this scene in widescreen, you'll see a crew member lurking in the shadows (left side of the screen) on the wall. It appears they are trying to avoid being seen.

Just remember, there's more to movies than just watching them!


  1. awesome, not too good at spotting mistakes... except in Terminator 2 with truck windows and in Raiders of the Lost Ark when Marion has the staff necklace

  2. I liked in Practical Magic when they were doing the spell to revive the dead dude on their kitchen table. He has a shirt on that he didn't have on when they put him there. Hee hee

  3. I don't know how people find these things. How would you even know to do all that? LOL! Is there another Raiders mistake? I noticed that in a recent airing of Raiders, the cobra's reflection seemed to be removed.

  4. Cullan;
    I'm a spatial type of gal, so I notice goofy things and it almost always happens when they switch from one person to the other. In Meet the Parents, the father is holding the cat while talking to Greg and the cat's position in his arms and fur changes dramatically from cut to cut. Sometimes, I can't help noticing the woman's hair is curly when it was straight a minute ago. These type of things crack me up. I don't go looking for them, but sometimes they hit me like a wallop upside the head.

  5. I always watch the out-takes and extras but I've never heard of Easter Eggs! Something cool to check out! Thanks sis!

  6. In general, when you're on menus, especially specials menus, look for objects on the screen and see if you can click to them. That's the most common way they hide them.

  7. This is perfect toy , probably will get old fast after some time.

  8. Paranormal Activity 2007 DVD/Blu-ray release lists the names of fans on its ending credits. A sharp eye might see "Barry Huddleston" listed among the credits *smile*

  9. Seriously? You were a fan of that? Barry, Barry, Barry (sigh). Well, it is pretty wicked cool to be referenced!

  10. Honestly, I haven't seen it so I don't even know if my name is listed. lol. But, I did enter my name to be listed on the credits *wink*

  11. You didn't miss anything. I was thoroughly frustrated by it. I don't necessarily like the premise that "we're going to pretend this is real but you're going to buy it even though you know we're only pretending." It reminds me of magic. I'm not a fan of magic. People pay to go watch someone put one over on them. I'm not sure I can suspend my reality to watch reality that pretends it's real but we know it isn't. If I wanted that, I would still be listening to my ex tell me that I'm fat and unattractive knowing that it's not reality and having to suspend my own reality for his...

  12. I love magic. I'll have to tell you about my magic show that I put on for my class in grade school one day.

  13. I love magic. I'll have to tell you about my magic show that I put on for my class in grade school one day.

  14. In "Tremors", watch the scene when Val & Earl get back into town & they're all gathered around the truck. Somehow, Reba McIntire manages to zap back & forth to each side of the truck. :D

  15. BG;
    Excellent! I was going to watch that this weekend. I get in the mood every month or so.


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