Don't Be a Dork!

Hey, I thought every now and then, I'd do a post "Don't Be a Dork!" Helping us to stay up on something we hadn't heard about before. We'll always be dorks, nerds and dweebs, but perhaps our eyes won't glaze over when people talk about current trends we didn't know about.

Today, it's a class of music referred to as trip hop/electronic rock.

Did you like the Eurythmics in the 90s? Well, there's something just as equally synthetic sounding and intriguing. This band, Phantogram, is a great example of trip hop/electronic rock.

Trip hop is a music genre consisting of downtempo electronic music. It began in the mid-1990s, growing out of England's hip hop and house scenes, including that of the Bristol underground. It has been described as "Europe's alternative choice in the second half of the '90s", and a fusion "of Hip-Hop and Electronica until neither genre is recognizable.

Electronic rock, also commonly referred to as electro rock or digital rock, is rock music made generated with electronic instruments. It has been highly dependent on technological developments, particularly the invention and refinement of the synthesizer, the development of the MIDI digital format and computer technology.

(above; Blue Foundation)

Find a list of trip hop bands here.


  1. I've always really dug this and the Chillout genre quite a bit. Shoutcast has an excellent station devoted to it that I keep open when I want to clear my head.

  2. I have to admit, Blue Foundation really caught me off guard. I hated the Twilight movie--honestly hated it, but I adored the setting and the music, and that song really had that same sound from the soundtrack. It's gorgeous in the background while I'm working on writing. Of course, it's hip hip when I do my dance workout, but this genre of music is my "muzak" for me.

  3. Love The Eurythmics and Annie Lennox! Detroit has a HUGE electronic music festival every year.

  4. I've been dancing like that dude from Phantogram for years. Does that make me a trend setter? Or just white?

  5. I love Annie Lennox...I think she has an awesome voice

  6. I never could get into the techno/electronica genre.

  7. Holy crap was that Blue Foundation video a down-note.
    If I am getting down electronically, I need the tempo/emotions of such as Crystal Method or Infected Mushrooms.
    Not that I am not cool with trip hop. I'm more of a goa man myself.

    I do find trip hop is awesome to have on in the background when doing any sort of research or online inquiries.

  8. I love my assortment of dorks! You are all so individual, bless your hearts! This is why we must have this posting once a week because we tend to put our middle finger up at what's trendy, but still don't want to sound like spazes.

  9. i think this funky genere is a breakthrough in electronic rock music.

  10. Echo;
    Yeah. In the early 80s when electronic music started getting big, I turned my nose at it. No pop music even had real drums in it. Then, the 80s got moving and I really started to like it. Now that I do hip hop dance, I really appreciate the sounds and rhythms you can do electronically.

  11. Aww, the title is just so appropriate for what I had to just do.
    Haha! I just had to write up a post for my online computer class that I'm teaching about my computer. Everyone else wrote like... 4 sentences like yeahhh I bought my Dell and it's alright.
    Me? I wrote yeah so I've been working on computers since I was 5, and I built mine. And my keyboard has prettyful lights on it!! :-p

    Anyways, Onto the subject! YAYYY Trip-hop!!!
    I'm amused that Bjork is listed as it. :-p I love Kosheen, Massive Attack (They do the theme song for House :-p), Portishead, Goldfrapp, and Sneaker Pimps. I'm surprised the one group that I'm doing a Belly Dance routine to isn't there... Supreme Beings of Leisure. They're definitely in the same boat. /shrugs. I never would have pegged that Blue Foundation song as Trip Hop though... Kinda pegs me for Indie Rock. Maybe I've just never heard their other stuff.

  12. Yahoo--Soraya--my sistah--she's a real dork! I love it! I know what you mean. People make fun of me for throwing unusual words into conversations. I think saying it the regular way is rather bland. And, some words just say it better. I was surprised by Blue Foundation too. Not so techno sounding. Definitely Indie. I love Indie music. I am thrilled any time people say "f-you big recording companies that pimp crap talent like Britney."

  13. Haha! My response to the forum post is just... Uber nerd. Haha! I mean.... From the fact that I actually said "I have two hard drives, the master is 40 gigs and the slave is 150" is more than enough to dub me as a nerd (Because that's what they're actually called. I'm sure someone will call me racist, in which I will so kindly tell them to go suck a dick because if you open your computer it even says it on some of the ribbon cables :-p). But the rest of it... ugh. It's so nerdy it hurts. Haha! Best thing is, If they saw a picture of me, they'd never guess that that's what I'd look like :-p WOOOO NERDS!
    And yeah, I completely agree about the words. :-p I'll pop out with random big words to describe something and people stare at me like Say wha?
    And yeah lol, majority of my music isn't on big labels. However the one electronic artist I listen to - Edward Maya - is allllll over the radio. But I love him. He's all Romanian and "Look I can play the accordion!". I saw him live. It was so much fun. Best time I've had in a club. Ever. and I never stopped dancing. I was populah!!!

  14. Soraya, pet, you are such a bit of sunshine! I love that you're such a mix of sexy, gorgeous and smart! I totally get you. No one would ever guess. It's like when people hear I'm a ghost hunter they look at me and go, "you? you're so perky and adorable!" I guess I'm supposed to be wearing black eyeliner and sporting a huge t-black t-shirt and baggy jeans? Hmm... Keep breaking the mold, honey. I'll be right behind you tossing the pieces aside.


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